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Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Scent of Deer

While Troy and I were watching Tyler's tennis match this afternoon after school I commented to Troy how nice it was that we weren't having gale force winds. It has been windy every day for weeks. Windy and cold. Today it was 56F but it didn't feel so bad as there was no wind.

After I brought the boys home from the match Topaz and I hit the trail. We came upon a mom and dad pushing a baby in a stroller. Now that is a sight I have never seen while running upon 'my' trail. The stroller had huge fat tires on it, it was able to go over the ruts, up and down the hills, etc. Their little baby was bundled inside of warm blankets and sound asleep.

As we ran out of the woods into a clearing I could smell a heady, musky scent. I looked around but didn't see any animals around. I looked at the bottom of my shoes, thinking I stepped in animal poo. Not so. As we rounded a corner we came upon 24, yes 24 (!) deer. A few ran off, but most of them just stood and looked at us. I whispered "HEEL" to Topaz. I wanted to see how close we could get, they were only 20-30 feet away from us. We continued to trot toward the group of deer. Their scent was so strong, I have never smelled this scent before. It must have been because there was no wind and we were so close. We were able to get within 10 feet when Topaz began to tremble. He couldn't heel next to me anymore. The deer began to lope away from us and he began to run wide circles around them, herding them up, bringing them back to me. Their smell was so strong. I couldn't get over it. What a cool feeling, to be so close to their presence.

Today I received my certification for USATF Coach Level 1. I attended a two day training seminar, then today took the test on line. Just in time, as I have advertised an AM and PM Woman's Beginning Running Class in Big Lake, beginning in June. Both classes are filling quickly. I have received calls from those interested in a marathon training program as well. I'm looking forward to this so very much. This is something I always wanted to do, but didn't know where to begin.

The Woman's Beginning Running Class last night was a blast. The women ran 9/1 x 3. We had a speaker from Mary Anderson's Race Management go through the process of attending their first race, what to expect, etc. Next week we will have the girls run 14/1 x 3 and they will then be ready for their first 5K. How wonderful! I remember how excited I was to run my first race. I love reliving the excitement of being a new runner through these woman. It is truly a treat.

This weekend brings hill training back into my schedule. The ice and snow is off of the ski hills; it's time to run them. I don't know if Buck is open for running or if I'll have to go to Hyland.

Next weekend is the Superior 50K. I haven't been on the SHT since the 100 in September. I'm sure looking forward to it.

Last year I ran the Ice Age 50 mile instead of the Superior 50K, as I wanted to try breaking 10 hours for a fifty miler and wouldn't be able to run Voyageur at I was running Vermont 100. I was able to break 10 too, with the help of Tom's great pacing ability! I followed him for as long as I could and came into the shoot just in the nick of time. I usually alternate between Ice Age and Superior each year. This year I may try to get 10 at Voyageur. I think my best there was the last time I ran it, in 1026.

To all of you running Ice Age this weekend, have a blast! It's a great course and a fun race.


SteveQ said...

Let us know if Buck Hill is open. After Ice Age, Superior and FANS, I may join you out there.

Carilyn said...

Congrats on getting your coaching certification! You are going to make a great coach!