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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Schedule Re-Do

While Topaz and I were running the trail last night I was planning out the weekend. I didn't have very much scheduled: legs and trail run Friday, bake bread and cinnomin rolls, Saturday morning hills at Buck and bring Troy to paintball, evening at the movies with the family (Indiana Jones), Sunday run with friends at Afton and lift back/shoulders; grocery shop, weed the perennial gardens. Not too much. Relax, enjoy, nice stuff.

After my run as I was driving Tyler to baseball, going home to get Troy to his game and off to my board meeting, Steve called me. He told me that we are scheduled to work Troy's concession stand for the tournament on Sunday afternoon. I was like 'what tournament'? It's next weekend, while I'm at FANS. It's always the weekend I'm at FANS. Ummm, not so. OH.......

Sheesh. I don't know how I made that mistake. I have had it on the calendar for weeks..incorrectly. I think it is because we get out of school May 30 instead of going into June. Usually FANS is the weekend we are out of school. Not so this year. I'm all mixed up.

So, this weekend is baseball baseball and more baseball. We still may get in the movies and I'll certainly get in my hills before Troy's game. He won't get paintball and I won't get to Afton.

It's really not a big deal..but still very surprising to me, that I incorrectly scheduled his tournament.

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SteveQ said...

I think FANS is a week later than usual, the second Saturday rather than the first Saturday of June. I know it messed me up too.