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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

FANS Funnies

Thank you for the congratulations and all of the comments; they are fun to read.

I'm doing great. I was a bit stiff yesterday, I had a vacation day so I slept in until 8, or tried to. Toffee, my Ragdoll cat is used to being fed at 430 AM every morning when I usually wake. He was kneading on my chest, (I later trimmed his claws!) purring in my ear and making a nuisance of himself. Eventually he curled up on my head and caused me to dream that I was running with a fur hat! Crazy.

Anyhow, Topaz and I headed for the trail for a slow walk. I was quite amazed to find that my shoes fit. This has never happened before post 100. Usually I am too swollen to fit into any footwear but Tyler's size 16 boots or shoes. Walking was difficult at first but after a half mile or so I was really clipping along. Right. 3 miles in 1:05! Felt good to move though.

The boys asked me if I was going to spend the day nesting again. Sunday I nested on the couch most of the day. Nope, I did some weeding in my gardens, read my bread books and watched the boys play ball. I didn't participate.

Today I went back to work..I only have three days left now! Woohoo. Topaz and I took another 3 mile walk, this time with a bit of jogging and we finished in :40. Feeling better.

I was remembering some fun things about FANS:

The Billion Dollar Bribe: Maynard (he did run a lap with me, I failed to mention that in my report), Ed and Gene were in a group crewing. As I ran by I said "there are the best three looking guys around today". They laughed and had comments. Maynard asked me to say that every time I ran past. I began too, every lap, I said something about how handsome they were. Maynard said he'd pay me $5 if I continued. Eventually Maynard came up to me with a Billion Dollar Bill. It was pretty hysterical.

Royal Dogs: As I was at about 60 miles I came across a woman and man, each holding a leash with the most beautiful, elegant yet masculine, long haired, dog. They had two of them. These dogs had backs that were up to my waist. They were majestic. I stopped dead in my tracks. I walked over to the people and fell over my words, telling them how beautiful and wonderful and exquisite their dogs were. The woman thanked me profusely. As I looked into the dogs eyes I felt like they could see into my soul. I'm not kidding. I could see intelligence and that the dogs had a keen understanding of what was going on with me. It was incredible. And freaky. Did you see these dogs? Anyone? Have I been reading too many Terry Goodkind novels? Maybe I didn't see them at all. They were magic dogs.

Crazy Cheers: The group of people in the grassy area before the start. They were amazing. Each time I ran past them they would spot me coming and would start screaming and yelling. I would smile and laugh and wave and thank them for being so kind to me. One time that I passed they asked me my name, another time they asked me if I was running the 12 or 24, they were such a lift, I found myself looking forward to seeing them each lap. Eventually as I came around I only saw one lone man left. He told me his runner ran the 12 hour, he was finished and he was leaving. He told me he felt like he was bailing on me and felt badly about it. He waited for me to come around to let me know! I told him no, no, no! Feel happy, you brought me joy every time I passed and I thank you. Yesterday Adam Harmer left the comment for me that this group was his, and I was their favorite runner.

Tattoo Tom: Tom Andrews wanted me to flash him my tattoo each time I passed. I don't know who told him I had a tattoo. He told me I should wear a backless shirt. I told him I may just take my shirt off with all of the heat and humidity. I never did.

Kissing and Tell Ed: Every time I passed Ed K. he had something smart to say to me with a smooch smooch sound. Finally, at the end of the race, when I was all dirty and grimy and sweaty and gross..he kissed my arm. Ewww!

Bob Who? I didn't recognize Bob Metzger! He was standing right next to me at the check in. I looked at him, said hello, but didn't know who he was. When he spoke in that smooth voice I was stunned! Short hair, dark glasses; it was very nice to see Bob and Chris again.

The Wave: Each time I passed the group of spectators past the start/finish, near the first beach, they gave me the wave. "Here comes the pink girl, let's wave her!" It was awesome.

Swag: I received the 100 Miles in 24 Hours sweatshirt, a 500 Miles Vest, the 3rd Place Woman plaque, the FANS Mt. Nokomis T shirt. Lots of goodies!

FANS really is a fun race. Everything is well organized from the packet pickup, the weigh ins, the post race breakfast, timing, the spectators are a riot, so many friends are out there running..give it a try!


Carl Gammon said...

I loved those folks in the grassy area before the lap start. They were cheering for me, too, and invited me to stray from the course and join their cookout. I almost did!

kelly said...

Sounds like a fun race. Congrats on a great finish too. Consider yourself tagged. (answer 5 questions.)