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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Friends and Family

This weekend was one of those weekends in which I would not change a thing. It was wonderful.

The weather was perfect. A 10. Low 80's, sunny, a light breeze to wipe the sweat from my brow and keep some of the mosquitoes at bay.

Friday night Steve went fishing on Lake Minnetonka and limited out on Northern; my favorite. While he was fishing and Troy was spending the night at a friends home, I watched Tyler play baseball. He did some pitching and catching; I love to watch.

Saturday I rose at 4AM to head out to Afton to run with my friends. I actually arrived in time to use the bathroom and apply sunscreen. I have the longest drive of the group and am usually last to arrive. This time I was able to wait for the others. Maria, Carl, Alicia, Jeffery and I headed out for a run along the trail.

The St. Croix is extremely high this year. The low areas were all filled in-trying to resurrect the dormant mosquito eggs. We had a fun run; lot of conversation centered around planning of races, our 3rd annual BETA on the Superior Hiking Trail, reminiscing and such.

After 4 hours of running we arrived back to the lot to refuel and hydrate. It was warm out and with only one area to refill my bottle, I was under hydrated. I drank 2 bottles of Heed, but knew that in the warm temperature, this certainly wasn't enough. Maria, Carl and I headed out for another hour of fun. My legs were getting tired, I was tripping over stumps on the snowshoe loop. As we headed back to the lot after 5 hours running, I was craving my Diet Pepsi. A sure sign that I was finished running!

Maria, Carl and I arrived back to the lot to chill with Alicia, Tom, Nancy, Jeffery and Keith. Good friends, good times.

When I arrived home the pool was open and ready for swimming. Up until this last week it's been rainy and cool. We've never opened the pool this late in the summer. We played in the pool all afternoon.

Today Topaz and I headed out for a 20 mile run. We began at 5 as it was warm again and Topaz doesn't care for the heat all that much. He was quite a bit faster than me today, I was tired, compiling 105 miles for the week. For the first 10 miles I was dragging butt, he was running back and forth, running loops around me. He didn't get his run on yesterday. I finally found my zone after 10 miles so the last 10 were much more enjoyable. Such a beautiful morning in the woods and not another person was out there.

Back home to quickly shower and grocery shop. My sister, Laurie, asked me to teach her to bake bread and caramel pecan rolls. She and Lukas came to spend the day. While the boys swam, we had a marathon session of baking. From 12-630 we were mixing, kneading, rising and baking, taking breaks out on the deck, soaking in the warm sun. I didn't scare her off either. She's up to try a Havarti-Rye next week She went home with her 2 trays of rolls and 2 loaves of bread, impressing her husband, Tim, and making Lukas, my nephew, very happy with the sugary treats.

Ski hills are back on the training schedule for tomorrow. Leadville, here I come..


Kel said...

I must have gotten to Afton too late to see you - I decided that I need to get acclimated to running in hot weather, so I slept in and ran late morning/early afternoon. That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it ;)

keith said...

It was a perfect saturday! Always good to see you, Julie!

elizabeth said...

With all the miles you run, how to you stay injury free?
I never read you saying you have a sore foot or your hip or knee is hurting you. How do you do it Julie? Maybe you small bodied people hold up better? I'm 5'11" and my body would not put up with as many miles as yours.
Any secrets to to recovery and staying injury free?

Julie B said...

Elizabeth, I don't know why I don't become injured. I always figure I must go too slow or not do enough or am doing something right? I have never had an injury..knock on wood. I guess my body is just made for this stuff. I have trained it very slowly over the years, going from walking to jogging to marathon to ultra over the course of 8 years. I stretch, I eat well, I lift weights 3 times a week, I do core work, I take my vitamins..I don't take days off, I log nearly 4000 miles a year..I'm not sure what the deal is. If I could bottle it and give some to you I certainly would!