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Thursday, June 05, 2008

More Bike Than Run

Now that the boys are enjoying their summer vacation, I am able to bike the 20 miles to and from work. During the school year we all ride in the car together. I have let them know that if the price of gasoline continues to rise they may find themselves on the bus and I will continue biking into work. I enjoy the time we spend together in the car though each day. I don't know that I am willing to give that up.

The biking into work has been great! I leave the house at 630, I am borrowing Troy's backpack to tuck in all of the necessities (lunch, cell, money), the route isn't too hilly and there is a nice wide shoulder along the country road in which I travel. It's been a nice workout. I arrive work at 7, work through my lunch and at 200 I get to go home. Awesome! Ride back home, visit with the boys, drive to the trail and run 5-8 miles with Topaz. Back home to whip up dinner, off to baseball. I've had this schedule all week.

The biking has been a nice rest for my legs prior to FANS 24 Hour Run this Saturday. Saturday looks to be 80F with storms. I think it has rained at FANS each year that I have run. I love the 80F part of the forecast. Warm sunshine makes me happy.

Tonight I'm going to prepare the balls I ate at McNaughton to bring along to FANS with me. They made me happy too! What's not to like about peanut butter, coconut, oats, chocolate chips and honey? Good stuff.

Yesterday in the mail I received my first bread book: Bread Alone. I can't wait to create some wonderful loaves while I recover from FANS next week.

Oh yeah, only 5 days left of work. Summer vacation here I come!


Helen said...

Hope you have a fantastic run at FANS Julie. Though I can't believe you like the sounds of 80F!!! I will be down there in the morning helping with set-up and sign-in so hopefully I will get to meet you!

Those balls sound yummy!


Runnin-from-the-Law said...

Good luck at FANS this weekend. I plan on doing my long run over that way this weekend and will watch the FANS race for awhile. Hope you have a good one!

Anonymous said...

good luck at Fans!
Did you/can you post that ball recipe?
and you cant really be biking 20 miles in half an hour? is it 10 each way? still that IS fast!

Julie B said...

Hi Helen and Running From the Law; be sure to introduce yourselves! I've be wearing pink/black, of course. Probably number 43-they usually give me my age number. Anon-the bike is just less than 10 miles one way. Today was crazy windy! A gust almost blew me over!! I can ride it in 24 minutes.

Thanks for the good luck. I'm ready to rock and roll :)