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Friday, June 27, 2008

Week of Less Miles, More Quality

Last week I ran 105 miles; most of the miles were just lallygagging along the trail with Topaz; enjoying myself and the woods. Some of the miles were social: 21 miles at Afton with friends, with my coaching groups. Many miles, but mainly easy, relaxing and fun miles.

This week I'm getting in less miles but they are of a higher quality. Monday was a tempo run AM, stair stepper PM. Tuesday was a run with Topaz on the trail for fun AM, PM lift upper body. After coaching my AM group on Wednesday I hit the track for mile repeats. I haven't done them in a while. I worked out alongside the High School Strength and Conditioning class. First the girls came out, then an hour later it was the boys. I was still out there running when they were all finished.

I completed a two mile warm up then 10-1 mile repeats ranging from 714 (too fast!) to 814. I ended the session with a two mile cool down. By the time I finished it was high noon, the sun was scorching and I was toast! The afternoon was spent swimming in the pool with the boys.

After an 8 mile recovery run on the trail yesterday I hit the gym for legs. I can almost increase the poundage on legs every week. Not so on upper body; there I am kind of stuck. Oh well. I am up to 210 x 12 x 4 for barbell squat. Gotta like that! I remember when my goal was 150.

Today is one run, easy fun run on the trail with Topaz. Tomorrow will be a longer run of the same.

Sunday is my hill day. Back to the ski hill to pound out a good 4-5 hour session. I may even go for 6 hours. I'll see how it goes. Total miles for the week will be in the 85 mile range.

Next Saturday is the Afton 50K. You should check out John's artistic side. He created all of the awards; they are stunning. There is a 25K and 50K option. Something for everyone! I missed this race last year as I was at Mayo with my Mom. Thank goodness she isn't there this year! Her cancer is gone and she is at the Women's US Open this weekend. A much better place for her to be :) I'm looking forward to the race this year, as a training run for me. Both of my July races, Afton and Voyaguer 50 Mile, are training races for Leadville 100, in August.

It's raining out. I guess I'll try whipping up the Dark Pumpernickel with Raisins from Bread Alone. Oh yeah...


elizabeth said...

Hey Julie...
Did you say you wore Inov-8 shoes? Do they have much padding in the forefoot? Which Ivov-8 do you like? I'm thinking of ordering some from Zappos to try out. My montrails fit great and have really good support, but they are tuff on my foot, even with padded inserts.

Do you have bad deerflies and mosquitos in MN this year? We have bad mosquitos, but no deerflies.

Julie B said...

Hi Elizabeth, I do wear Inov 8. I wouldn't say they are cushioned or have much padding. They are more of a minimalist show. They are very light. I wear the Roclite on rockier, rooty trails such as the Superior Hiking Trail and the Flyrock for other trails. The Flyrock feels more like a slipper than a shoe. I like them very very much. I wore Montrail Hardrocks before I wore Inov 8. I guess I just don't need all that support and weight of the Hardrock.

OMG: Deerflies and Mosquitoes! Yes Yes and Yes. They are horrible. I am a DEET machine.