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Monday, April 20, 2009

Chai Cake with Honey Ginger Cream

Here is another installment from The Cake Slice as we bake our way through Sky High: Irrisistable Three Layer Cakes. This month we baked the Chai Cake with Honey Ginger Cream Frosting. It's fabulous!

When I mentioned to the boys that I was making a Chai Cake neither of them were very excited. They both told me they didn't like chai tea. I explained that they both like carrot cake, they like spice cakes and this Chai Cake was a bit like both. I knew they would like the frosting as both boys like cream cheese frostings.

The cake went together very easily and without any problems. I used basic Nestle Chai Tea bags and these flavored the cake beautifully!

I again made 1.5 of the recipe and baked in 3 deep 9" pans. Each rose nicely and had a good moist crumb.

This cake lasted 2 days in my home. Each of the boys had friends over and they ate it up quickly with a generous amount of milk!

The frosting is very easy to make and the honey gives it very good flavor. I found the honey gave the frosting a nice spreading consistency. I should have doubled the frosting as I didn't feel it gave quite enough coverage.

This is one you must try! I guess they all are, aren't they!

See Gigi for the recipe.


Macaire said...

The first thing that comes to mind is, "Where on earth does she find the time and energy to bake cakes like these with everything else you do?!" The cake looks great and sounds so interesting that I might have to make it myself. I'm confused, though -- you said you made 3 9" layers, but the picture looks to me like it's four layers. Can you clarify?

Monica H said...

Your cake is so tall- love it!

Julie B said...

You are right! Great observation, I went 1.5 on the recipe and filled 2 9" pans then halved the cake layers making 4 layers. I had to go back to the cookbook and read my notes! Thank you

Jin Hooi said...

well done, your cake looks good !!

Macaire said...

Thanks for the info! By the way, I'm the person who told you to get teflon strips in order to bake perfectly flat layers. I just saw them today in the King Arthur Flour catalog (www.kingarthurflour.com) -- search for "cake strips."

The Bahens said...

This cake was fantastic, wasn't it! Great job!

Caroline said...

Great job on your cake and glad your boys liked it! Your Southern Coconut Cake looks great as well.

Jo said...

Great job on your cake and I'm really not surprised that it didn't last very long. With flavours like this who could resist, certainly not me!

TeaLady said...

So, do you run and bake at the same time??? That cake looks just right. Great job.