Monday, March 21, 2005

Computer Crashed and Position has been Cut

You'd think I'd be a mess. I found out on Wednesday that my position is one that will be cut as our school tries to cut out 1.5 million dollars from the budget. I was the last Coordinator hired so I figured that my position would be one of the first to go. I'm OK with this. I've been told that the administration will transition me into another position around April 1. We'll see. I wouldn't even doubt it if June 15 (my year end) comes and they tell me bye bye.

I was working for a rich corporation in Downtown Minneapolis prior to accepting my prior position. I enjoyed working downtown. I worked 3 days in the office and telecommunted 2 days a week from home. Pretty sweet. I worked there for 3 years.

Then I saw an ad in the local paper for the Coordinator position in the Big Lake School District. I was offered the position and accepted. I don't care for this job. At. All. I took it because I am only 7 miles from home (versus 54 from prior) and I have summers off..June 15 to August 15..and I have the same work days/hours as my boys. I took this position for them.

Now I am just playing it day by day. I'll see how it all unfolds. I don't stress. I'm not a stressful person. I don't know if this is because I relieve all my stress through running and lifting or what the deal is.

I'm interested in doing something with fitness and running. A very good friend of mine is THE Director of Twin Cities Marathon. I might give him a call to see if there is anything he may think I could do for the marathon. That'd be awesome. I have another friend who is Director of Running with Lifetime Fitness..I think I'll drop her a line as well. I would love to do something part time with running/fitness.

On the computer crashed. I came home from running club on Wednesday, yes the same day as my position was cut, and Tyler told me he crashed the computer. I thought he was probably over reacting. No, it is crashed. I was on the telephone with Dell for 3 hours yesterday. We had to do a clean-install, I lost everything, and now I need to reinstall the DSL numbers apparantly. Sheesh. I'm accessing the internet through work now. After I come home from the gym, I'll call tech support again and get this squared away.

Running this weekend was awesome. 15 miles Friday/15 Saturday/12 Sunday. I have a 50 mile training run to get in on Saturday. That will take me 10-12 hours. After this 50 I will feel prepared for the 100.

Run On.

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