Sunday, March 27, 2005

Confusing Carbs

As I posted earlier this week, the previous week I had added a grainy carb meal to my diet each day. The outcome: the scale did not budge in 5 days. This will be fine and dandy for maintenance, but I'm in action man, action! Losing! Tuesday came along, I spoke with Dave of Leanness Lifestyle; become re-motivated and decided I'd see what would happen by omitting that grainy carb meal. Ta da! Within 4 days I dropped 1.5 pounds. Now, is this water from the one carb meal or is this fat? Only time will tell.

Today we went out for Easter Brunch. I had a great assortment of fruit, a huge salad with every vegetable I could possibly think of and 6 ounces of lean roast beef. I was totally satisfied and quite full. I entered everything into the Nutrition Analyzer at LL and that meal was 856 calories. Not bad for a post 50 mile run AND Easter! I had 1 egg, 5 whites (all hard boiled of course!) and 2 c veggies for breakfast. I'll have chicken and veggies later if I become hungry again. This will put me at approximately 1350 calories for the day.

1) I've never had 1350 calories 38/45/17 on Easter and
2) I've never had 1350 calories post long run

Not one jelly bean, chocolate bunny or peanut butter egg will pass these lips. It would start a binge and I would not stop. I know that. I've done that. I can't expect things that have never worked for me in the past to work for me in the future, you know?

I don't know moderation when it comes to food. I don't need to fool myself. I can't have just one.

This is the end of week 2, inbetween Bootcamps. Totals:
Average Calorie: 1321; high day: 1500.1 (where did the .1 come from)
Miles run:76
Weight Training: 3 sessions=165 minutes
Pounds loss: 1.5
Total since 2/9/05: 9.5

Run On!

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