Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I'm In

I received a telephone call from David Greenwalt of Leanness Lifestyle yesterday, just as I was leaving the office for the day. We spoke for over 60 minutes. We mainly spoke about my ultra-running, my addiction to alcohol and the carbs.

Dave told me that if he didn't know my history with food and diets, etc. and was given two minutes to create an eating plan for me, that based on running 50+ miles per week he would develop a plan consisting of 60% of carbs and approximately 2400 calories a day. I've eaten that EXACT diet before and gained weight by the pounds. BUT, since he knows what my body does with carbs...HOARDS every calorie and will not burn for energy..he knows to create a different plan.

He told me that 33% of the women he comes across have a hard time losing fat with carbohydrates. He did admit that he hasn't come across an ultra runner who runs 50+ miles a week. We are working through the plan.

Last week, because I had a 32 mile training run, and just because I wanted some yummy cream of wheat, I decided to add ONE ..yes..ONE (complex) carb meal a day. Guess what happened? My weight completely stalled. Haven't loss 1/10 of a pound in 5 days. Yupper. I ran 49 miles, RT 3 sessions, and calorie average of 1209. I didn't take a splurge meal because I wanted to see 143 so damn bad. Didn't see it.

This next week I am creating an aggressive plan. I know that I will be running a 50 mile training run on Saturday so that will be my high of 1500 calories, all other days are 1100-1300. The plan calls for 650 minutes of exercise. No problem. There will be non-coniferous carbs only on the training run. I will stick to fruits/veggies otherwise.

I'll be watching the scale today-Saturday AM just to see what happens.

Oh, so, I am in Bootcamp Intensive 2 and told Dave I want a VERY AGGRESSIVE 5 weeks. Now, my 100 mile ultramarathon is April 16 and BCI-2 begins April 6. Don't know what the 2 day carb fest of ultra running will do to my body. We shall see. Wouldn't a 'normal' person lose some weight runnning 100 miles...sorry, I can't help but have those thoughts!

Dave made a strong point to let him know what the complex carb cut does with to my training sessions.He wants to know if this diminishes my workouts in any manner. I hadn't noticed any change in training with the veggies/fruits carbs. Other than taste. I mean, isn't Cream of Wheat with a T of natural peanut butter JUST THE BEST...or is that just me?

It's amazing what the body adapts to. My body has adapted to thinking running 50+ miles a week is totally acceptable..a walk on the beach.

Which reminds me, Dave said that my vouchers for airfare and hotel are in the mail..I may be heading to the beach. I hope he dangles that carrot in front of us for BCI-2!

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