Thursday, March 17, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp is Finished

I can't believe that the 5 week LL BCI-1 is complete. What a great experience it was!! The people just like me, trying to lose the fat and get a grip on the whole numbers thing. It is all numbers. Calories in, calories burned, etc. All numbers. The coaches are incredible. One thing that made this so 'real' to me was the weekly teleconference with the group.

So, get this: my team, Mission I'm Possible, lost a total of 119 pounds. 13 of us! Team 2 lost 89 and Team 3 lost 87. I just find that incredible. The least amount of weight lost was 3.8 pounds, the MOST WAS 26.9!! 26.9 pounds! This person began the program at 400+ pounds with a goal to lose 25 in 5 weeks. This person reached the goal. Awe inspiring!!

My results? I lost 8.4 pounds. I began at 152 after purchasing a new scale which read me 6 pounds higher than I though I was..major blow to my mind..then weighed in at 144.6 yesterday. Yahoo. I lost 1.2 pounds of muscle and 7.2 pounds of fat per body fat calculations. I don't know, I am lifting more pounds than at the start and my biceps and calves have grown, so I don't think I really lost muscle, but maybe that is just wishful thinking. I do know that I lost the fat. My waist, butt, thighs and boobs all lost inches.

The big finale: all members of Team I'm Possible WON TRAVEL VOUCHERS FOR TWO PERSON TO FLY AND 2 NIGHTS HOTEL. How is that? Way cool!! Hmmm...better get shopping for a new bikini.

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive-2 begins April 6. I hope I'm accepted!


Nico said...

Hi Julie, my CONGRADULATION for your 8 pounds lost. I'm so happy for you, knowing how hard you have been working out and my best admiration as well to your mental strenght and dedictation, you did never give up regardless how hard it was finding THE right program for you. Yeah, you who are an Ultra Runner and never give up. Having been following your path since a while, well a couple of month's through this path that was not easy, you are now the proof that when we want something deeply, truely, we can reach it and find a solution. I bet you'll be 125 pounds in July.

Julie B said...

Thanks Nico! I appreciate your congratulations. I will never give up!! You either. Rock on!