Monday, March 14, 2005

Post Long Run

I should first of all clarify that in my last post I made the comment that I hadn't been eating complex carbs in the past two weeks. That statement is untrue. I should have said that I haven't been eating refined sugars and the carbs found in pasta, oatmeal and bread. I should probably say I have been eating oodles of cruciferous carbs. Is that what the carbs found in fruits and veggies would be classified as? So I've been scaling back on what...the white carbs? I should find out the correct terminology!

I've been thinking about past long runs and how I eat post - run, and how this post - run is different with Leanness Lifestyle. I usually consume Cliff Bars/Cliff Shots and diluted Gatorade or another sugar-energy drink (Clip 2, Endurox, Ultima) during the run. Now this time, I stayed away from Cliff Bars; I ate Myoplex bars instead which are higher in protein, about the same carbs and sugars as Cliff, then used SF Cliff Shots and plain old water with the SUCCEED caps. This worked well and saved me a bunch of sugar calories.

You know, the 'normal' ultra runner probably doesn't have to give a second thought to calories in and calories expended. I'm not the 'normal' ultra runner. I have to watch every calorie or I'm up to 160 pounds before I know it. Part of this may be my obsessive/compulsiveness, of the fact that I'm an alcoholic, this seems to make the sugar more of an addiction for me. Maybe I became addicted to alcohol because of the sugar, alcohol is sugar..? Again, I don't know, but I do know that other alcoholics have a love for sugar. I'm just not sure.

What I do know, is just because you run long distance, you can not eat every bagel along the path. Believe me, I learned that. I did not "ruin my metabolism" I overate sugar and bread. Plain and simple. I don't think you can ruin a metabolism.

So what am I doing different this time around? Well, as I said, the food during the run was much cleaner. As well, the food following my run was much cleaner. I went to Bonnie's immediately after my run. She had Easter hershey foil eggs on the table, croissants on the counter. I saw them there, I didn't eat or nibble anything. Nada. I had an apple in my gym bag. I wolfed that down quickly! I drank a diet pepsi and 2 glasses of water. Then hit the shower.

I met Bonnie for a sandwich after my shower. We went to Jimmy Johns and I had the Beaches sandwich. Turkey, cheese, mayo, avacado, whole grain bread, tomato; it was excellent. It was also 740 calories (I estimated 500!), 40 grams of fat, 38 grams of protein and 73 grams of carb. A real good post run meal. Then we went to Starbucks. There was a beautiful array of chocolate treats for sale at Starbucks. I probably would have passed previously, because Bonnie was there and I would have been too embarassed to order one. She's a skinny ultra runner; of course. I ordered a skinny latte.

I arrived home and would usually do waffles and real syrup. I mean, hello! I just ran 32 miles and I deserve waffles and syrup. I would then probably have an ice cream bar or ice cream and fudge. I mean, I eat balanced LL all week and used to have free day on BFL, so why not. And again, I had a big long run! I deserve it. I might have had a bowl ... or two.. of Lucky Charms or Cinn. Toast Crunch. I know, I've done this a lot in the past.

Instead, I arrived home and had another diet Pepsi. Then washed some laundry, checked on the boys homework assignments for the weekend, took Topaz out to play frisbee. I cooked rigatoni for Steve and the boys and had salmon, a large green salad and a ff/sf Healthy Choice fudgecicle. I felt satisfied and happy in the fact that the scale might actually budge today.

Now you see, I am usually ALWAYS up in weight the day after a long run. I ingest those salt tabs, so that is part of it, but also, I consume 3000-4000 calories post run. Most of it is fat and sugar. I always think "damn, I run 25/50 miles and am probably the only person who gains weight". Well, damnit, there is a reason for that weight gain!

The day after the long run/race, I still usually feel entitled to eat more sh+t. More sugar, more processed carbs, more bread, la la la la..

Not today. Today for breakfast I went right back into my 1 egg, 4 whites and 2 c of veggies; snack was 3 oz chicken, 2 more cups of veggies. Lunch is an apple, chicken, large green salad. Right back on track. I'm peeing like crazy, the salt is working through, all the water from yesterday/today is flushing from my system.

I'm hopeful that I'll shed some fat this week, post - run. You know what, YOU CAN'T DO WHAT YOU HAVE ALWAYS DONE AND EXPECT DIFFERENT RESULTS!!!! We've all heard that before, right. So change your habits! If what you are doing isn't working for you, you are doing something wrong.

I feel a rant coming on. I'm so sick of people beginning a program, then deciding to let a birthday, or housework, or some other event or project get in the way and they then decide to put the program off for another week. They are right back where they started. Don't they see this? Hello!? How is that working for you? Not very well.

OK, rant complete.

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Savy said...

Hi, I just wanted to pop in and very gently suggest something. Please don't be angry - ok? This is out of concern. I am doing LL too (though not the bootcamp) - and though it does say a certain amount of minutes of exercise, it also says "this counts for *** of calories in your diet." So, technically, you could meet that caloric deficit by brisk walking 120 minutes a day, or by running - but when you run - you are going to hit it faster. So you don't actually need to run 120 minutes, just enough to burn the 520 calories (or whatever is says) it has listed as the target deficit. At least, as I understood it by poking around, and looking at LL Leg reports and such.

My reason for pointing this out to you is that you are creating a situation for a metbolic problem - being as I am recovering from one brought on by a marathon (I know, way shorter than a run for you.. but for me it was a lot) I would hate to see it happen to you, and you to be forever caught in this loop. From my calculations, if you only give yourself 100 calories a mile burned, you are burning way beyond your intake each day - total, which makes the caloric deficit HUGE when you factor in your BMR and just daily activity level, and can actually throw off your body. Risking more than just a metobolic problem, but also health problems.

I'm just trying to point it out, incase you didn't know. And I'm sorry if you did and I stepped on your toes. If you create a leg and enter in your minutes as an activity logged exercise specific, you will see the calories burned, enter in your food for a day too, then click on "report" even though the leg isn't finished, and it will tell you what your "minutes of exercise" are supposed to equal calorically...

Just worried. I know how great it is to be losing weight, I just am concerned about the lengths you are having to go to in order to do it? (unless you aren't counting your running gels or sports drink?) And what will happen later.

Anyway - best to you!