Monday, April 04, 2005


Monday mornings are tough! I just want to snuggle down into my covers and stay there for one more hour!

I had a great weekend of running. Saturday I awoke at 3:45 to head down to Southern Minnesota to run a 50K on the Zumbro River Bottoms. It was so awesome. We ran along the river bluffs, the cliffs, then down, down, down, to the bottoms of the River. It was beautiful. Lots of mud, lots of hills, lots of fun. I ran 50K in 6:45. I had to be home by 3:00 to bring Troy to his baseball evaluation as Steve was out of town. I finished the race, said thanks and had to drive the 3 hours back home as fast as I could!

Sunday was another spectacular MN spring day. 60 degrees F, a light breeze. I and Topaz ran 10 miles on the trail. The woods were extremely loud! Birds, ducks, mother nature was awake. I love it.

OK, so now I guess it is time to taper for the McNaughton 100 Mile Trail Race. 12 days away.

I'm down 10.5 pounds. I took pictures; just have to re-load my camera software. When my computer crashed it all went with it.

Have a good Monday!


Nico said...

Holy Crap, Julie, can you realize that you are now shedding that stubborn fat which was so hard to figure out coz you are such an ultra runner. WOOZIE......10.5 POUNDS - 10.5 POUNDS and this in what, 6 weeks? AWESOME, just awesome. April 16th, just around the corner, go SKY ROCK IT.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh, can't wait to see the pictures! It sounds like it is all clicking for you and that is awemsome!

~Stacey :)

Anonymous said...

((sigh)) someday I will learn how to double check my spelling of things before I click the publish button! LOL! (that was meant to read awesome! :)