Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blogger Manual?

OK, as those of you have noticed, those of you who read this blog, this blog does not have all of the bells and whistles that other blogs have. Even Blogger blogs. I haven't looked up how to add links, how to track my progress on the side, how to add lists of other blogs that I like to read. Where do you find the directions to all of these add-ons?

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Nico said...

lol, Julie, finally someone who understand me. It reconfort me to see that even your language is english it is still a mess for trying to add new links. Imagine when you are french.

I am still all f...ck up with the photoshop logiciel that I bought. I would had like to put picture side to side like Maggies, but hell.... I still can not make do anything with it. I should I invested my money in some whey protein.

Hope someone will be able to help you. I don't know if it's doable transferring all your data into another blog.

OH well I think that tripod has been desing for dummy just like me.

Take care