Friday, May 06, 2005

First Goal: MET!

Yesterday I reached my first weight loss goal with LL. Back in February I set up a program with LL and the goal setter. The goal setter 'goal' was to lose 17 pounds by May 11. I met that goal yesterday. Yahoo!! Slowly but surely the fat burned off.

I've had to change my eating habits by omitting the grainy and processed carbs; I get my 125-150 carbs a day through fruits and veggies. I've been eating 125-150 grams of lean protein each day, usually in the form of egg whites or chicken. I have been allowing myself one 'planned splurge' meal each week that must fit into the daily calorie guidelines of approx. 1200 (low zig zag) to a high of 1500. I haven't allowed myself any sugar products such as cookies, cake, frosting, ice cream or cereal AT ALL on ANY day..splurge days included. This, I believe, is why I have lost fat. Sure, I am running and lifting weights like a crazy woman, but I was doing that before LL as well.

I firmly believe most of my success is because I have given up the BFL free day, the "fortified french toast", "bfl pancakes", meal replacement bars (Myoplex) and most dairy.

Do I mind eating this way? No, not one bit! I feel good, healthy and strong. I have NO plans to go back to how I was eating. I will be happy to follow Leanness Lifestyle for a very long time!

My goal for this next week is simply to maintain, then set up a new goal setter with LL next Wednesday (11th) for July 6 where I will weigh 125 pounds. Wow. 125 pounds will be awesome, and more importantly, I know how to get there.

I'll wait to update pics and stats at the end of the BCI-2; next Wednesday.

Today: 50 minutes RT on legs:
Barbell Squat: 110x12x4
Extension: 120x12x1; 140x12x3
Leg Press: 120x12x1; 140x12x3
Standing Ham Curl: 20x12x1; 25x12x3
Laying Leg Curl: 40x12x1; 60x12x3; 70x8x1 PB
Standing Calf: 135x12x4

Running: 8 miles with Topaz on trail with jelly legs

M1: 3 oz chicken, 2 c green beans..yeah, for breakfast!
M2: 5 egg whites, sf syrup
M3: 4 oz tuna, 1 apple
M4: 4 oz chicken, 1 c carrots, 1 chopped apple, 1 T lf mayo
M5: 4 oz salmon, large green veggie salad

It's beautiful outside. 70F and Sunny. FINALLY!!!!

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