Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jungle Jam

My Jungle Jam arrived yesterday. I haven't had a chance to open up the box, but I hope to tonight. I'm very excited to begin practicing the art of pull-ups!

I really enjoy the P90X workouts. Plyometrics is probably my favorite, Ab Ripper a close second. Once I have the pull-up bar ready I'll view the weight training workouts.

My independantly owned Mom and Pop gym has been purchased by Gold's Gym! we'll probably get some great upgrades on equipment and maybe even a shower that I wouldn't be afraid to use! I really can't complain because I only pay $28 a month, but, the showers are disgusting, the lockers are dirty, there are NO spinning classes and the pool is slimy. I use the gym for my weight training and that is it. I have a feeling Gold's will offer a few more options. Yahoo.

I'm SO looking forward to going up to Lutsen on Friday. I, hubby, the boys and my Mom and Dad are all going to spend the weekend up on the Superior Hiking Trail. I get to run a 50K on Saturday while they hike the trail and visit the aid stations. Great fun!


Jen said...

This weekend sounds like such a great time. I hope you enjoy yourself. Jenna

Anonymous said...

Between you and Maggie, I am just itchin to get a Jungle Jam! LOL!