Wednesday, May 04, 2005

LL BCI-2; Week 5

I can't believe that there is only one week left of BCI-2 with Leanness Lifestyle. My goal was to lose 8 pounds this past 5 weeks, I have one week to go and am down 7.5. How awesome is that? So awesome! Me,who couldn't lose for anything! I'm losing. I had to go pretty much Paleo-eating like a caveman; a lean eating caveman.

Today was pretty rough running my loop with run club. I typically have been running 39-40 minutes. Today it took me 43 minutes and it felt like I was running through cement! I guess I am not completely recovered, LOL.

I'm back to 2 a day cardios. Getting upa t 4:15 for 30-40 treadmill minutes and another 6 miles in the evening with Topaz on the trail.

My legs are still sore from RT on Sunday; now my upper body is sore from last nights RT on upper body. I love it.

M1: Cherry Garcia Shake
M2: Chicken salad w/apple
M3: Tuna, carrots
M4: Chicken salad/banana
M5: Salmon, brocolli

I haven't yet received my P90X set. I'm sure excited for it to arrive!

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causticmuse said...

Hey Julie! Congratulations on your success with LL. :D

I think you'll really enjoy P90X as a home workout option, too, even if you don't do the 90 day program as laid out in the calendar. I am exhausted but exhilarated after each session, just because I survived it, LOL.