Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Morning Cardio

I love morning cardio. Prior to LL I only ran in the AM on weekends and during the summer, when I am off for 8 weeks (effective June 15...yeah!). Once I began LL it became apparent that the only way the fat was budging was if I ran or exercised in another manner for 90 or more minutes a day. In the interest of having time with my children, time to work, etc., this called for AM cardio at 430 each morning.

At first it was hit or miss. I really tried to get up and run each morning on the treadmill, but damn, it was tough. A few weeks into this and I actually looked forward to the way I felt after the run. Feeling proud of myself, feeling the endorphins, that got me out of bed.

This morning the alarm went on at 430 and I like, popped out of bed. I was anxious to get in the hard AM cardio. It's funny how perception can change everything. In the beginning, I perceived it to be tough, a pain in the ass, and I was tired. Then I began to change my thought process. I realized that this is what I need to do to lose fat, I realized that the AM hard cardio makes me feel fine the rest of the day. It 'sets' the tone of my day. It keeps me on track with food and water. I now love my hard AM cardio.

Today I ran Yasso 800's. I ran 4 minutes at 730 miles per hour 4 x. I was dripping and panting. I hadn't run hard since Thursday..being up at the lake for the long weekend I ran long distance, slower miles. This AM cardio rocked. Just as I was tiring out, my iPod played Guns N Roses Welcome to the Jungle..just in the nick of time!

I love my iPod.

Steve is home today; he took an extra day of vacation. He couldn't believe that I awoke at 430 to run ..and will again run tonight with Topaz..then to two baseball games..both boys play tonight. He wasn't suprised when I was doing laundry at 6 AM and trying to figure out how I would get grocery shopping in today. I told him he could take the grocery list to the store..ha! I think he'll put in our vegetable garden instead, and that's fine!

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