Tuesday, May 10, 2005


After returning from the gym last night I dug into my P90X box to work out to the much heard about Plyometrics DVD. Wow. I loved it. 60 minutes of squats and jumps and an assortment of other goodies. One reason I liked this workout so much is because the moves aren't those grape-vine things from the aerobics classes that I felt like such a clutz in. These moves are easier to follow, difficult to do, but easy to follow. OK, so I did feel like a clutz doing the baseball throw and catch move. Otherwise, it went very well. My heart rate wasn't real high, but the sweat was pouring and I felt the moves in my legs/butt.

While 'running around the towel' Topaz went crazy and thought we were out on a run, I guess. He was under my feet and I stepped on his paw! Ooops.

I will definately NOT do this workout the same day as a leg day.

The Jungle Jam pull up bar still hasn't arrived. I will add the Plyometrics, Yoga, Ab Ripper and Kenpo to my regular workouts. One each day. I'll figure out the rest when the bar arrives.

I lifted heavy at the gym yesterday, I have completed the 12 week higher rep, lower weigh periodization and am now beginning to go heavier:
DB chest press: 40 x 6 x 3, 45x3x1; those 45's are heavy. Definately need a spotter next time so I can get them both up!
BB chest press: 125x6x3
Pec Dec: 100x6x3
BB curls: 50x6x3; 60x4x1
DB curls: 30x8x1, 35x6x2
Cable curls: 60x6x3

Today I woke up at 4:30 but went back to sleep! Woke up again to get in 20 minutes HIIT: 2.41 miles
Will run with Topaz on trail: 6 miles
Will do Ab Ripper: 20 minutes

M1: 1 Eggo Nutri Grain Waffle, 1 hard boiled egg, 1/4 cup cottage cheese
M2: 6 hard boiled egg whites, 1 T ff mayo, 1 banana
M3: 2 c spinach, tomato, peppers, carrots, 4 oz canned chicken
M4: 2 c brocolli, 4 oz chicken
M5: 1 Boca burger, lf cheese, 2 c sauteed cabbage


Jen said...

Julie, I hear plyometrics are great for running too. You are a working out machine, do you ever worry about it becoming anegative addiction? I also have that addictive gene and I always worry when I get obsessive about things. Just curious. Keep it up because what ever you are doing is working. Jenna

Julie B said...

Hi Jenna; I'm definately addicted I am sure. I imagine I have traded in the alcohol addiction for working out. The endorphins instead of the booze, I guess. It could become a negative, I suppose. For now I'm increasing activity to lose fat, when I enter maintenance I'll probably back off a bit..and eat more!

Jen said...

You are doing awesome either way. Jenna