Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Summer Races

My calendar is filling quickly. I'm filling it with the boys' baseball games, summer camps and my races.

It seems that I am either preparing for a race or recovering from a race. Many times I'm doing both at the same time. There doesn't seem to be any more of a tapering period.

When I first began running, and did my first marathon in 1999, I trained for Grandmas '99 for four months. This included a taper period of three weeks prior to the big day. I ran the marathon, recovered a few weeks and began to train for my second marathon, Twin Cities Marathon in September of '99. After finishing TCM I recovered for a few weeks and logged roughly 25 miles a week until the following February when I again began to train for Grandmas. This cycle repeated itself for a few years.

Then I found ultra-marathons. I found that I enjoyed running long distance. Real long distances. I discovered that my body adapted quite well to running and recoving from these ultras. I found that I really enjoyed being in 'marathon shape' at all times. I can run a marathon at a drop of a hat, or a 50K, or a 50 mile. That's an awesome feeling, especially from a person that couldn't walk a block without hacking out a lung or collapsing from the effort not too long ago.

Here's the race schedule for the summer:

April 16 McNaughton 100 mile race 29 hours, 7 minutes
May 21 Superior 50 K 7 hours, 9 minutes
June 4/5 FANS 24 Hour Run
June 18 Grandmas Marathon
July 2 Afton 50 K Trail Race
July 30 Voyaguer 50 Mile Trail Race
Sept. 10 Superior 50 Mile Trail Race
Oct. 2 Twin Cities Marathon
Oct. 15 Ed Fitz 100 K

Gee, it looks like I need something for August!

Don't ever believe that you can't do something. You can. Try it. Believe in yourself. I'm serious.

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Jen said...

Julie, You are an inspiration. I can't believe that schedule. I would love to be conditioned enough to race two big races back to back. You are awesome. jenna