Thursday, June 23, 2005


When I first began this blogger, on December 30 or 31 or whatever it was, I was depressed because I had turned 40. The big 4 Oh! I was truly disturbed that I was feeling so down about a silly number. 40 really isn't old anymore. Sure it was old when my parents were 40, but hey, i am a young 40! My parents are now young 63's!

So at that time, my 40th BD, I set a few goals for the year. One goal was to run my first one hundred mile race. I chose McNaughton, and finished it, on April 17. It was awesome.

Another goal I set was to lose 22 pounds, to reach 130 pounds. I wasn't sure if I could. I had tried BFL and was just losing a few, gaining a few, building some muscle, but not getting lean. I wanted to be lean. I wanted to look in the mirror and feel good about my body. I wanted to see the muscle under the fat.

On February 9 I joined Leanness Lifestyle and the Bootcamp Intensive I. I lost 5 pounds and was pretty stoked about that, so I joined Bootcamp Intensive II and lost 8.5 more. The next Bootcamp isn't until September, but I've remained an active member of LL. I'm on Team Maintenance right now, even though I'm still in 'action mode' (losing), they invited me so I joined.
I've lost 20.5 pounds so far, I've almost reach my first weight loss goal. I did decide that I want to reach 125 and thought I would reach that goal on July 7. It may take me a few more weeks, but hey, I'm ok with that. I know I will get there.

Another goal I set was to run a 4 hour marathon. That was way out there. WAY out there. I thought maybe I could run 4:10, but didn't know if I would do the work for a 4. Then I really wanted to qualify for Boston but wasn't ready to put that down as a goal.

Well, it is now. After reaching 3:59:51 at Grandmas, I'm ready to put in the work to get a 3:50. To do that I have pulled up Hal Hidgon's training program Advanced II. I'll run more mileage of course, with the ultras I do, but the important additions for me will be hills, tempo runs and speed work. Next week I begin to add those three workouts that will get me to the finish line of TCM in fine fashion. I'll run one tempo run a week and will alternate a speed workout with hills each week.

Today it is 100F! Wow, that is one hot mama. We will be spending the day floating in our pool. I was at the gym this morning and did 60 minutes of legs. Ran a hot fast 5 miles with run club last night and am taking the day off of running today. It's too hot to get Topaz out on the trail and I really don't need to run today. Will do 20 minutes of abs. I'm doing abs every day this week, with Emily from CO!

Sunday is the anniversary of my first race ever! The Big Lake 8K was my first ever, 8 years ago. It took me one hour and five minutes to run the course. Wow, look where that first race took me. I think I can run it a bit faster this Sunday.

Oh my Wednesday is mine and Steve's 20th wedding anniversary. Yikes!

M1: Cherry Garcia Shake
M2: tuna, pineapple, mayo, onions, spinach
M3: chicken, carrots, onions, peas, mayo
M4: banana, vanilla pudding, splenda, vanilla protein powder
M5: salmon, cabbage
M5: large, real large, green salad w/turkey

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