Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Yasso 800's

This morning it was pouring outside. Again. Instead of taking Topaz out on the trail as planned I decided I would do some speed work.

Have you ever run Yasso 800 s? I haven't for a long time. Since I began to run ultramarathons I've kind of let the speed workouts slide, other than the fat burning HIIT I do frequently enough.

Here is a description from Runners World:

My favorite track workout is "Yasso 800s," named after Bart Yasso, a friend, ultramarathoner, and Runner's World colleague. I like the workout because it's a great predictor of marathon-finish time. I'm sure it's more complicated than I make it, but for me the workout boils down to running two laps (800 meters) on the track at a sustainable, faster-than-usual pace.

The goal is to be able to run 10 800s, each in a minute-and-second time that matches your expected hour-and-minute marathon time. So, if you want to run a marathon in 4 hours and 30 minutes, you start with four or five 800-meter repeats and gradually work up to 10, running each in 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

With any interval workout, it's important to recover between repeats. During these rest periods, I try my hardest to look as if I'm actually doing a track workout. I walk to my water bottle, wipe off my face, bend over and gasp, fiddle with my shoes, adjust my shorts, and maybe do a little half-hearted but very intense-looking stretching. Hey, I look just as good resting as any other runner.

At the track, I learn from watching the runners around me. I watch their strides and arm swings, and try to copy those that look the best. And when I'm feeling really good,
I even talk to some of the faster runners.

Cooling down after a hard (my definition) track workout is one of the most pleasant running experiences. It's the perfect time to bask in the glow of your accomplishments. You know you've made a real effort; your sweat and fatigue tell you that.

And there's nothing like standing around afterward and complaining about a track workout to make you feel like a runner.
This morning I ran 2 miles at a 9 minute mile pace warmup, then banged out 5 of the 800's at 8 minute mile pace. I want to run a 3:45-4 hour Twin Cities Marathon this fall. The workout was awesome. I was able to hold the pace without a problem. My goal is to do 10 of these without dieing, in order to run a sub 4 hour at Twin Cities Marathon this fall.

I am running Grandmas Marathon this Saturday, but with all the miles I have put in recently it won't be a fast (fast for me is 4 hours) marathon. It will be a 4:20 ish I'm sure.

Today: 6 miles speed workout, 4 mile trail run with Topaz
M1: 6 whites, 1 egg, splenda, sf syrup, banana
M2: tuna pouch, carrots
M3: McDonalds grilled ceaser salad, ff dressing
M4: Myoplex Bar
M5: 6 oz salmon, cabbage

Weight is down to 133. Hoowah!!

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Jen said...

Julie, I haven't done Yassos on any regular basis but maybe I will add them into my schedule. They are fun and not as daunting as other speed workouts are. Good luck this weekend. Jenna