Monday, July 18, 2005

Heat Wave Breaks

Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had to leave Topaz at home while I ran. All three mornings at 530 AM it was already at least 85F and a dewpoint of 70+. That's too warm, even for Topaz to run in.

I opted to run on the pavement; getting a break from deer flies and mosquito repellent. I ran 10 Friday, 20 Saturday and 10 Sunday around the lakes.

Today at 530AM the temp was 60F and the dewpoint down in the 50's. I and Topaz ran on the trail for 7.5 miles. Back to the deer flies and mosquito repellent.

I had an 80 mile week last week and 3 sessions of weight training. This week I'll back off the mileage and next week as well, the 50 mile Voyageur is in two weeks.

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