Monday, July 18, 2005


I weigh 127 pounds today. Wow. 25 pounds of fat has left my body since I first joined Leanness Lifestyle in February. I kicked off membership with Bootcamp Intensive 1, then did Bootcamp Intensive II.

I learned that my body hordes it's carbs and likes to turn them into fat. I have found that I can very easily eat a diet consisting of 38-40% of carb, 40-42% protein and 20% fat and still run good, hard and strong. Of course on the day before a long race (marathon+) it's all about pasta!

I've learned that to lose fat I need to eat roughly 1500 calories a day and exercise approximately 100 minutes a day. That is what it takes for me to lose weight.

So what does it take for me to maintain? I'm about to learn all about that. I think. I'm a bit apprehensive, I've had such success with the determination and focus that I have needed to lose fat, I'm nervouse about this whole maintaining thing.

My plan is to maintain at 125-127 until September when Bootcamp Intensive III begins. Then I may jump on board to go down to 120. I figure if I go down to 120, it will be easier for me 'to live' at 125.

Today: 7.5 miles run, 45 minutes lifting legs and 26 mile bike (to and back from gym). I'm ready for a nap!

Squats: 135x10x2; 150x8x1
Extensions: 140x10x2, 160x5x1, 130x10x1
Slant Press: 120x10x3, 130x8x1
(getting tired...)
Hamstring Curl: 60x10x2, 70x6x1
Calve Raise: 90x15x2

This week my marathon schedule is for running hills. I was going to complete tomorrow but after taxing my legs today and running 80 miles last week I may have to wait until the end of the week for hills. Tomorrow may be an 8 mile trail run.

M1: Oat Pancake (1 egg, 1c oats, 5 whites, splenda, sf syrup)
M2: Cobb Salad + Bleu Cheese Dressing
M3: Turkey tenderloin, corn on the cob
M4: Cherry Garcia Shake
M5: Tuna pouch, cherry tomatoes


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoy maintenance :)
I have been loving it. The hard thing for me is going back and finding the motivation to lose the last 5 or 6 lbs since where I'm at isn't all that discomforting. It might also help your metabolism a bit so that you will be able to lose with a smaller deficit come fall. Good luck & congrats on the size 6 shorts. That must have felt great.

Julie B said...

Thanks Cathy. You have maintenance licked! I can't wait to be as comfortable with it as you are. I aspire to be like you :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your progress with LL, Julie! Size 6 does rock!

Maintenance is a little scary, but just go into it slowly and you'll be fine.