Monday, August 08, 2005

6 Pull-Ups!

Today I and the boys were planning on spending the day at Valleyfair (amusement and water park). When we woke there was a thunderstorm and Tyler had a stomach ache. We decided we'd go on another day.

So what was I do to but go to the gym! I lifted back/shoulders, found that I had to decrease some of the weight during this workout as my body must still be recovering from a certain 50 mile run last week...

Lat pull down: 90x8x4
Row: 90x8x4
UNassisted pull up: 6!! Most ever. 4 months ago I could do 1
DB shoulder press: 35x8x4
BB shoulder scrunch: 60x8x4
Lever shoulder press (machine) 45x8x3
After 45 minutes I was too tired to complete any more.

Bike ride: 20 miles

So much for a day off..well, I haven't run yet today !

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