Monday, August 22, 2005

Future Races...2006

I know that the year is quickly passing me by when I begin to look at future races for the coming year. I'm very happy with the races and results that I have had this year. I surpassed some of my goals. I still have goals to tackle..a Boston Qualifier at Twin Cities Marathon on October 2, for one.

I was planning on entering 3 100's for 2006. I was planning on McNaughton in IL, Kettle-Morraine in WI and Superior in MN.

Note the WAS in the above sentences. I thought I had it all figured out.

Now I'm thinking about some of the major races.

Western States in CA
Leadville in CO

Yikes...these thoughts are kind of scary to me. I keep on thinking that I am not good enough, not prepared well enough to do these races. Friends; good, experienced ultra running friends, keep telling me that I am ready..

I'm still thinking...I will someday do the Grand Slam ( 4 - 100's in one summer: Vermont 100, Western States, Leadville and Wasatch..oh my...)

On a less decisive thought, I ran 5 miles on the treadmill this early AM, will head to the gym after work for weight training of the leggies.

M1 Oat pancake (1 c oats, 1 egg, 5 whites, splenda, cinnimon and sf syrup)
M2 Banana, Myopro
M3 Tuna Creation pack, 1 apple
M4 4 oz chicken, spinach, sf blue cheese dressing, tomato
M5 Chicken kabob, greens

OK, goals are good. Big, far reaching goals are better.


Anonymous said...

Quite impressive goals you have're thinking bigger than most of us will ever dream; but none of this seems pie in the sky for what you've already accomplished.

If you're runner friends are confident in your abilities, than you probably should be too!

Mmmm that oat pancake sounds tasty (not to mention filling). I might need to try that.

Julie B said...

That oat pancake is wonderful! You must try it after a workout. It will fill you up and you will feel it refill your glycogen stores!! It's awesome.

Yeah, after Voyaguer the friends keep telling me I'm ready for the mountain races..the big time. I guess time will tell..

Tracy said...

Can I ask how long you've been running? And also, have you ever considered Badwater? I know it's road race and you seem to do mostly trails, but I bet you could pull it off!

Tracy said...

Grr, looks like the other comment I posted didn't show for some reason, but it was to the tune of "WOW!" I'm definitely going to make this a frequent stop. I love seeing moms with careers out there tackling enormous things ;)

:) said...

Wowwy, Zowwy! You are a machine!!!

I really admire you and the distances you run!