Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Need for Speed II

Up at 430 to hop on the treadmill for a speed workout. I don't have time to hit the track today. Work gets in the way, you know, and both boys have football tonight.

Did 6 x 800 @ 3:45 minutes
Warmup .5; cooldown .5
Total: 5.25 miles, 44 minutes

This afternoon I'll run 5 with Topaz on the trail. Will head to the gym to lift while one son is at football practice and will be back in time to watch the other play his game.

Oh yeah, rode bike into work today.

A day of good workouts.

I was snagged for "parent representative" to Troy's football team. You know, all the parents are standing in a circle, the coach asks for a volunteer and we all stand there like we don't know what he's talking about. I can't believe that parents don't like to volunteer for their kids' sports. I raised my hand. Again. I'm always the parent rep!

I received an invitation to a "mid life crisis' party in a few weeks. The party is hosted by a few girlfriends that I graduated from High School with. We have all turned 40 this past year. Ugh. 40! I can't wait to go, it'll be a blast.

The best part was not thinking "Oh my gosh, I have to starve myself, I have 2 weeks to lose 10 pounds" It was AWESOME not having to think that!! I can just think "hmm...what shall I wear..."

Back to work...


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! Wow, you have completely transfored your body! From your before pics, you surely were NOT overweight but you really look different. My question: prior to your birthday, what kinds of work outs did you do? I'm assuming you were already a avid runner since you easily were doing very long runs right off. I find your blog and your drive VERY inspirational but also a bit intimidating: do I have to run 100 miles a week, weight train and eat like you? I guess your response would be that this is what works for you and I would just need to find what works for me...ha. I guess I've answered my own question :) btw, i'm 29, 137 lbs., and noticing changes in my body. I work out sporadically, and do not eat perfectly.

Julie B said...

Hi Leah,

You aren't very 'big' at 137 pounds. If you are only working out sporadically now, then any additional minutes exercised is going to increase your metabolism and burn some fat. Yes, I was working out quite a bit prior to starting Leanness Lifestyle. I have found that for me to lose fat I need to eat minimum processed carbs and sugar. I just can't lose with those foods in my diet, no matter if I'm running 100 miles a week or not. I was eating the same (1300-1700) calories a day and running my a++ off, lifting weights and gaining weight. It was the white stuff (oatmeal, bread, sugars, pasta, rice..) that was doing me in. I now eat a diet pretty much 40/40/20 (protein, carb fat) or even 35/45/20 to lose fat. I'm lifting weights 3x a week and running approx. 50 miles a week. My body is used to running. I was running the same before I was losing fat. Our bodies adapt very quickly. I've been maintaining 125 by adding back one carb meal into my daily diet. Whole grain Irish Oatmeal. Yum. But that's it, by adding that one 'carbby' item my weight loss has stalled and I'm in maintenance.

Anonymous said...


Thanks. I understand what you're saying - you have to find out what works for you and your body. Like I said, you are very inspirational. Your motivation and endurance is extraordinary! I'm hooked on your blog!

Anonymous said...

one more thing: what kind of dog is topaz?

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! Just curious, what time to you go to bed if you're up at 4:30!?

Julie B said...

Ha! Cynthia-I am in bed by 930; reading until 10..then up by 430 or 530 most mornings depending on workouts. All summer I was sleeping in until 7!

Leah; Topaz is a Border Collie; blue merle.