Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Need For Speed III

It was that time of the week..time for a speed session. Oh no. The alarm went on, I turned it off and fell back to sleep. Oh no. Woke up at 515 and my speed session time had passed. Damn.

While Troy was practicing football I went to the High School track, right next to his football field and hammered out 800's. Man they are hard for me.

I lifted weights last night. I worked legs. DOMS was taking hold this afternoon so I was worried about my speed session.

I've been doing Yasso 800's:

After a 1600 warm up I was ready to roll. My goal: 8x800 @3:50.

The 1600's are warmup miles, the 400's are recovery laps. I kind of tried to aim for one recovery lap roughly the same speed as the speedy 800.

1600: 8:30
800: 3:40
400: 2:58
800: 3:43
400: 3:31
800: 3:45
400: 2:38
800: 3:48
400: 3:40
800: 3:41
400: 3:34
800: 3:52
400: 3:45
800: 3:51
1600: 8:30

I'm very happy with the workout.I did it! Yippee!! I kept on saying 'don't think about 8 x 800; think about one lap at a time' That thought worked well. Otherwise it was too overwhelming and too big and too fast for me.
I'm just not a fast runner. That's why I'm doing these speed workouts. So I can become faster..and damn, it's happening!

The bad part: the parents saw me on the track doing the workout. A few women asked some questions about my running, my favorite distances, etc. When Steve told them I run ultras their eye's glazed over and now I think they think I'm freakish. Hmmm..don't know that I've felt so strange about it before. I felt like I had to defend the fact that I run. It felt weird. They were asking how I can fit it in with everything else? Well, by running now, at football practice, while you are sitting in your chair. I still caught an hour of the practice. It is not like Troy was neglected in any manner. See, I'm becomming defensive..strange..

Maybe it is just the mood that I am in..my carb depleted brain that must have some food .. NOW!


Anonymous said...

Julie your 800's just ROCK! Zooming you are.

I suspect these folks are just jealous/insecure that they are not 1/2 as fit as you are. The amount of running (and other training you do) is virtually inconceivable to someone who can't even do the recommended 30 minutes a day of walking. They can't even say it's because you don't have kids or a job since you have both and still find the time. So....there just must be something wrong with ya! How dare you be just so much, well, BETTER. Else you could be getting hit with the ... do I need to run 50 miles a week to have HER body?! yikes. They maybe haven't seen the years you have invested in this or how hard you have worked to get where you are.

Definitely one perk of being in CO. People look at you funny if you DON'T prioritize fitness.

And finally, try not to take it personally. The US has a serious over-weight/obesity epidemic going on and our media is choosing to criticize our president for his daily EXERCISE habit. He is one of our most fit presidents ever. This is bad why?!

I cannot wait to see how fast your next marathon is....

rachel86deborah said...

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:) said...

Speedy, speedy...

Screw the people who look at us weird for what we do. I get the same looks here at the office when I am talking about a marathon. Maybe I should tell them, "At least I am not running ultra's like this girl I know..."!

Nice workout by the way!

Tracy said...

OMG! You can go long AND fast. Awesome!!! Seriously, that's really impressive, way to go!

Anonymous said...

Awesome Yassos! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a BQ for you during Twin Cities!!!

They just don't know how to get out of their chairs, maybe they are the freakish ones ;)