Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Need For Speed IV

This week I had to complete my speed workout on the treadmill at 4 AM. I thought of Will getting up at 330 for her workouts and this allowed me to spring out of bed, thankful for my 30 more minutes than Will receives ( www.throughthewall3.blogspot.com)

Tyler has his Middle School Open House tonight, Troy has football practice, there is no time for Mom to run tonight.

I ran a mile warmup, a mile cooldown and 12, yes 12, 800's at 3:45 minutes each. I ran a 400 recovery inbetween. I was out of air and totally drenched and exhausted.

Oh yeah, and I thought I was going to puke.

The only good thing was that I had my iPod and that I now have the workout over with. Otherwise it really sucked. I never got into the groove, I never enjoyed it and it was never fun. Speedwork on the track is better than speedwork on the treadmill, I say.

So for now my speed workouts are done. I will run Superior 50 next week, then recover for three weeks until Twin Cities Marathon. Where I want to runa 350 and qualify for Boston. Then it is a two week recovery for Ed Fitz 100K where I'm thinking an 11 hour 100K would be pretty awesome...


Anonymous said...

Ugh. Treadmills + Speedwork + Feeling like puking = No Fun. Good job getting through a tough workout, and even better to have it done for the day ;)

:) said...

It's not speed work if you don't dry heave at least a few times, right??? :)