Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Todays workout was a speed workout at the track. I waited until 12 so I could bring Tyler to his guitar lesson and then run, as his lesson is only a few blocks from the track.

This meant that I had to run in 85 degree weather, a thunderstorm on the way and a nice high dew point.

I had been doing speed work prior to Grandmas Marathon (June 18) as I wanted to break the 4 hour mark, and did, in 3:59!

Back to the track I went, in search of a 3:50 at Twin Cities Marathon in October, to qualify for Boston.

My workout went very well. Better than I anticipated: Yasso 800's

Warm Up: 1 mile..8:10
800: 3:42
Recovery 400: 2:30
800: 3:40
Recovery 400: 2:31
800: 3:41
Recovery 400: 2:45
800: 3:35
Recovery 400: 2:50
800: 3:49
Cool Down: 1 mile..8:30

The plan was to run each 800 in 3:45-3:50 as I want to run a 3:50 marathon. I ran each 800 better than I planned. Just as I was finishing the cool down mile the sky opened up and down came the rain.

Next week I'll try 8 of the 800's.

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Irene said...

Hi Julie! Found your site through Cathy's blog work(s) in progress. All's I can say is wow! I've had to slow down due to arthritis (UGH!) but I'm still running. I would love to be as fast as you are!