Friday, August 26, 2005

Rainy Day

I have been able to ride my bike to work for the past 9 days. It's been pretty cool; saving gas money, getting in a good workout, etc. Today it is pouring rain outside. No biking into work for me.

The boys will begin school next week so I'll have to leave the bike at home. Tyler's schedule allows him to ride in with me, Troy's schedule allows him to ride home with me and I am certain they will not 'buck' on my bike! Oh well..

Last night I and Ann ran the 5 mile run club route. I brought Troy to football practice, we did the team pictures, got him to the practice field and met Ann at the school. We were going to take it nice and easy but ended up finishing in 39:55. Not so nice and easy, but a lot of fun. We were actually able to hold a conversation. I then watched the remainder hour of football practice with 'the women'.

This afternoon I'll finally be able to take Topaz out to the trail. With the crazy schedule I've had this week I've run on pavement every day. Eeek. My legs are aching for the trail.

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