Sunday, August 28, 2005

Week Wrap Up

Man, today was another perfect Minnesota day. A day we wait all winter for. 77 degrees, no humidity, clear blue skies, just perfect.

I nixed the road run this weekend. I ran 20 miles on pavement during the week so it was easy to head for the trail.

Topaz and I ran for another 15 miles at Blue Hill today. Mr. County Forester gave me a warning for having Topaz off leash. I had his leash tied around my waist, that wasn't good enough. Oh well...

As I was running along an open field area a BIG dark green/black with yellow stripes snake slithered across the trail and stopped. Right in the middle of the trail. Topaz stopped and did his hop hop. All four legs bounced two feet into the air. It was hilarious. If I wasn't so scared of the damn Bull Snake I would have peed my pants while laughing at Topaz so hard. But I was scared. I went way off of the trail, through the prairie grass way over my head, to get out of the way. Eeeww.

I have had enough of snakes. Yesterday when I and the boys were bike riding, Troy rode right over a Gardner Snake. It was doing the crappie all over the path. Eeeww again.

I went for a good hard bike ride and lifted this afternoon.

I also probably went for what was the last swim in our pool for the season. Next weekend we'll be up at the cabin and then Steve will be closing the pool up. I hate to see summer come to an end. I love summer. I love summer. I really love summer. But fall is nice, too!

So, this week:
Running: 58 miles
Biking: 72 miles
Weight Training: 130 minutes

2 weeks to Superior Trail 50 Mile Run : I need to let up on the mileage next week...

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