Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Weekend

Today I was planning on a road run but it just didn't seem very fun so I grabbed Topaz and again hit the trail. I will get some road mileage in eventually.

I have Superior 50 mile race ( on September 10 and Twin Cities Marathon on October 4. I'm doing speedwork for TCM and I guess I'm doing trail training for Superior. Ha.

This morning was just beautiful. I was at the trail head at 6 AM for a good 3.5 hour run prior to football practice and the fun Mom duties of grocery shopping and laundry. Oh Joy.

I and the boys went to the bike park and rode for 2 hours. I didn't track the mileage, it was just for fun.

I and Steve went to 40 Year Old Virgin last night. Oh my gosh, I haven't laughed so hard in so long!! I don't know that last time Steve and I went to a movie together without the boys. I think it has been 13 years. Gasp.


Tracy said...

I know - that movie was TOO funny!! I was still laughing several hours after it.

By the way - I really love you blog! Have a feeling I may just become a regular around here :)

Julie B said...

Hi there, thanks for all of the comments. I'll try to answer them.

I've been running for 7 years. Prior to that I couldn't walk a block, had been on and off the Marlboro's and was drinking way too much Special Export. I don't do either any more!

Badwater: A very good friend of mine, Pierre Oster has run it twice. Oh my gosh, it is SO difficult. 135 miles in 135 (practically) degrees. He had to have aid 108 times during the 135 miles last year. They went through 150 pounds of ice..just for Pierre! It was nuts..I don't think so, but I've learned to never say never. I began running ultra distances three years ago. I totally love it (as you probably figured) I said I'd never do a 100. Now I am looking forward to doing another ..and year.

As for my schedule, during the summer I have loads of time. I run 5-15 miles weekday; 20-30 weekend,lift 3x a week and just began riding my bike in July. School year is a bit more trying, I work at the high school. I run at least 50 miles a week. Preferably after work on the trail with Topaz. With a 9 and 13 year old boy, both in basketball, baseball and football, it becomes difficult and I sometimes have to run on the treadmill at 4 AM..especially since it is getting so dark now in the AM. Lifting is either RIGHT after work (I work 7-3, good schedule) or evenings. It all fits. I will not tolerate the excuse "I don't have the time" I can run 50 miles a week, lift weights 3x a week, work full time, attend 2 sons' practices and games, sit on Planning & Zoning, the Orrock Town Board and the Board of Adjustment, Middle School Site Council and I am NOT super woman. Oh yeah, and keep hubby happy. So time is not a valid excuse. We all have 24 hours, right? It depends on how we use them!

Again, thanks for the comments. That was fun:)