Thursday, September 29, 2005

Blech on the Taper

Yes, Jenna, I should be tapering. I mean, I AM tapering. Not the conventional marathon taper; but a taper none the less.

I typically run 55 - 60 miles a week. Last week I ran 40ish and this week will be 20ish prior to Sunday.

I don't taper well.

It's bad enough not lifting any weights for legs; I did lift upper body. But then to have a few days off from hard/long makes me feel all bloated and crabby. Of course, PMS is contributing to that feeling as well.

I really enjoyed my treadmill workout this morning. It felt good to breath hard and feel the muscles waking up. I've felt sluggish. This evening I ran a few easy slow miles in the cold and wind during Troy's football practice. It was real cold.

Marathon forcast is perfect for me. Sunny, 55F start and 75F finish. I like that.

A friend whom I very much respect and always heed the advice he gives, contacted me today. He told me a "3.50 = bullshit. You can run a 3:39-3:43 marathon".

Oh man. He believes in me more than I believe in myself. I'm going to begin to believe in myself..


Jen said...

Julie, I knew you were tapering miles, but I thought maybe we should rest our muscles for the 3:39 marathon.:)) Your friend is very wise. I agree totally but just didn't want to be the first to point out that you are underestimating yourself.(again) I put my money on between a 3:35-3:45 finish if you give it your soul and nothing strange happens. You have the training and the endurance so the legs will go, but your head needs to wrap around fast not comfortable. Good luck and I can't wait to see your results. Jenna

Anonymous said...

We are our biggest enemies sometimes! Sending warm thoughts of sub 3:45 your way...

Have a great race! You know you will ;)

Anonymous said...

hi julie, good luck on lowering your time for the marathon. i have a quick question: what was the brand of whey protein that you said you loved? thanks.