Thursday, September 29, 2005


Last night I missed a run club night. I had an Orrock Township meeting I had to attend, so ran on the trail with Topaz earlier instead.

As I pulled into the Blue Hill Trail lot I spotted a man and woman smoking a joint and drinking a beer while sitting on their back van door. Good grief!

I ran only one loop for 5 miles, then arrived home to pick up Tyler from football, get the boys fed and off to my meeting.

This morning I ran intervals on my treadmill. I love my treadmill. I've had it for 9 years now, and don't know what I would do without it. I ran at 7 mph for 2 minutes, then 8.5 mph for 2 minutes for 30 minutes. Just as I was going to call it quits AC/DC showed up on my iPod and I had to run a bit more.

I love my iPod too. I recall running along on my treadmill, listening to 93X and getting so irritated with the commercials. It is so awesome to run to music. Only music.

PMS is driving me absolutely crazy. I feel like a beached whale. Running this morning made me feel MUCH better.

M1: Oat pancake: Used .5 cup of oats instead of 1 cup because of the beached whale feeling
M2: Banana, 1 scoop All The Whey Orange
M3: Cucumbers, 1 tuna pouch
M4: Large green salad, 6 oz salmon

Will run for 45 minutes during Troy's football practice tonight. Go away PMS go away. Endorphins are nice.


:) said...

Sorry about the PMS...I hear it sucks... ;)

Tracy said...

Running always chases PMS away for me, too. And, it gets me out of the house before I eat anything that resembles chocolate.

Jen said...

Julie, Aren't you tapering with TCM coming up on Sunday? Jen