Thursday, September 22, 2005

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive III

Yesterday was the start of Bootcamp III. This is my third bootcamp with Leanness Lifestlyle. I first joined LL in January but didn't get very serious with losing fat. I just became familiar with the online tools.

On February 9th I began Bootcamp I and lost 5 pounds, continued to lose and then began Bootcamp II in April to lose another 8 pounds in the 5 week period. Then continued on until I had lost a total of 25 pounds on July 4. I've maintained since then, other than my Blizzard fix last Sunday, I've been doing very well. That blizzard caused many cravings, crabbiness and bad feelings. Totally was not worth the sugar. It gave me 5 pounds of bloat for 3 days and today it is finally gone.

During this Bootcamp I'm looking to lose another 5-8 pounds to reach my wow goal of 120 pounds. I just want to touch that number, even in for one day, then I'd like 'to live' at 123.

Last night Coach Dave held a conference with 35 of the Bootcamp members. It will be a fun group. The one person who loses the largest % of fat will win $250 worth of gasoline vouchers. #2 will win $100 and #3 will win $50. The first place person also gets their bootcamp free of charge.

If you've been trying to lose a few (or many) pounds, I have to tell you, LL really is a good program for health and wellness. It's not only about food in and exercise out, it's about dealing with the emotional eating as well. I'm still peeling away the layers of myself, learning about myself. Sometimes learning too much.

On another note...

Last night I ran with the run club. As I was getting ready to leave the house I could hear thunder in the background. It didn't look dark outside so I drove into town.

We began to run at 6:00 and at about 2 miles into the run the sky turned green, the wind kicked up and the sirens began to sing. Shit. What do you do? Continue running I guess. I and Ann were together, running through the wind and rain. At one point a branch (a little one) hit me in the head. The sirens blew off again. The sky looked bad. The lightening was constant. We're running along, both holding metal keys in our hands, sheesh.

Then the hail began. Oh joy.

As we approached mile 4.5 and were passing the Holiday Gas Station, the attendant came running out and was screaming something at us. We assumed they were saying "stupid runners". Not so. She was yelling "Tornado on the ground in Clearlake, baseball size hail coming, GET IN HERE" Man. She scared us. I and Ann went into Holiday, we told the crazy lady that Kevin was on the way.

Crazy lady began to tell gas customers "no gas, pumps are off, station is closed". We hid in a dark little room in the back, waiting out the storm.

10-15 minutes later John came into the station. "Are there any runners in here?" Out we came. The worse had passed, he gave us a ride back to our cars. Mine has some pretty bad hail damage. What a bummer. Everyone was safe though.

My computer went down at home during the storm. I hope the hard drive didn't fry. I'll have to call Dell when I have 100 hours to spare. In the meantime, I'm posting from work.

M1: Oat Pancake
M2: Strawberries, All The Whey ( 1 scoop)
M3: Tuna Creations pouch, cucumber, tomato and green pepper salad, nf dressing
M4: Kashi Go Lean, Soy Milk
M5: Banana, Cottage Cheese

Run: 6 miles on trail with Topaz


:) said...

I am glad you didn't get any hail damage! Be safe out there...

Could you come and be my food police???

Emma said...

Wow Julie...glad you are ok! I love reading your blog...wish I could stay committed to mine :-(

Chris said...

Boo for hail damage, but I'm glad that you're ok!