Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Many Thanks

My gosh, I can't believe all of the emails, telephone calls and comments I have received from you stating your congratulations. Thank you ever so much. I had no idea. I really didn't realize that I could inspire anyone and I feel honored and humbled to have been able to do so.

That's not just a load of crap either. I mean it.

I know what it's like to look at someone else and think "wow, could I do that?" "how can she/he do that". I didn't realize some people were having those thoughts about me, when I'm always thinking, and looking up to others. I thank you.

I'm recovering nicely. Yesterday I and Topaz went for a 5 mile walk at Blue Hill Trail. It was slow and exhausting, but felt good to walk out all of the aches and pains. My feet are still too swollen for running shoes so I was in my Merrell sandals without socks.

Today I was able to walk/run a bit for 5 miles on the trail while Troy rode his bike. I and Troy then rode together for another 5 miles. He was as exhausted as I when we were finished! His football game was cancelled..the field was too wet to play on so the bike ride did him good.

I'll run/walk at run club tomorrow night, taking it easy.

My appetite is coming back:
M1: 1 egg, 6 whites, 1 c oats, splenda, sf syrup
M2: Tuna pouch, garden tomatoes, cukes
M3: 6 oz salmon, large green salad, lf blue cheese dressing
M4: 1 banana, 2 T natural peanut butter

Again, thanks so very much.


Chris said...

Wait, you ran 50 this past weekend and were back out running today? Gah! I can still barely walk after my effort last Sunday. You're amazing!

:) said...

You deserve every bit of the kudos you received and more.

Superwoman...I can't believe you are already running again! Amazing!