Sunday, September 11, 2005

No Longer Anonymous

I found out this weekend at the race that some of the runners know of this blog. I was pretty stunned.

At Voyaguer, Pierre told me that he was googling a search for Voyaguer and my blog came up because I had referred to the race. I asked him not to say anything and gave him the shhhh sign with my finger across my lips. I felt very 'exposed'.

Isn't that an odd way to feel? Here I am, posting things on the 'net, to whoever wants to read my entries. But when a person I knew, personally, found this, I was embarassed .. or caught of guard .. or something.

My friend Marie told me a few weeks ago that she found this blog. I realized then that many others probably had too.

Here I am, posting pictures of me in my swimming suit; start weight, mid point, at goal. Rather embarassing, you know?

Yesterday a gal, MC, I'll call her, told me she found this blog and enjoyed the eating/Leanness Lifestyle part of it as well as the blogging. I about died. Then I heard a few others mention it. Eek. I have worked through the weird feelings, it's all A - OK.

I first began this blog when I turned 40. I didn't like being 40. I was tired of being heavier, I wanted to get lean. I then decided to post my goals and hold myself accoutable to them, hence, the blog. It began as a weight loss tool but has become a mish mash of running, family, friends and yes, my struggle with fat/food. Leanness Lifestyle has given me a handle on the food issues, allowed me to lose fat and to run faster.

I'm very excited to be a part of the Bootcamp Intensive III which begins September 21. I'm going to focus on losing 5-8 more pounds. I've been able to maintain since July 4 and it's been going very well. I'm ready to lose the final pounds. Then I'll have a bit of 'cushion' when I do have a splurge every now and then.

Here's a nice warm welcome to all of my running friends :)

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:) said...

It is a little strange, isn't it?