Friday, September 16, 2005


I'm looking forward to the weekend.

This week was full of meetings and football practices.

Tonight Troy has a football presentation during half time at the High School game, Tyler has a game and Troy has a game tomorrow morning. Lots of football.

Last night I had a Planning and Zoning meeting. I rushed I and Troy home from work/school, ran 5 miles, ate dinner, picked up Tyler from football practice, brought him home to eat, brought Troy to his football practice where Steve would meet up with him later and rushed off to my P & Z meeting.

I have no meetings this weekend and no football games/practices after 10 AM tomorrow. Whew. I can become self-indulgent again and spend time running/bicycling/lifting weights. I'm planning on a couple of ten milers, easy on trail with Topaz.

Today was a 5 mile run with pup on the trail. It's a truly beautiful day outside today. 77 and sunny.

Leanness Lifestyle Bootcamp Intensive III begins next Wednesday. Woohoo:)


Chris said...

I was beautiful down south here too! I wish I could run. :(

Have a great weekend!

:) said...

Chris: You were beautiful?


I got 7 in on Saturday and the weather was awesome!