Sunday, September 25, 2005

Up and Running

My parents arrived on Friday. My Dad, computer geek that he is, called Dell Support shortly after he found out my computer was not working, due to the storm on Wednesday. After 2.5 hours of conversation with the Tech's he was able to get the computer up and running.

Yesterday the printer stopped working. After 2 more hours of conversation with the Dell Tech' still isn't working!

On the running front, not much to report.

I and Topaz hit the trail for 10 miles yesterday, then watched Troy's football game where they won; did some shopping with Mom and sister.

Today, 15 miles on the trail with Topaz and will shortly be going over to the Sis's house for a Mom Birthday Dinner.

Oh..this morning..I was emptying the dishwasher when all of a sudden a BIRD flew past me. IN THE KITCHEN. I have an irrational fear of birds. I yelled to Steve, then ran out to the deck, off of the kitchen and peered into the French door to watch.

Toffee, our Ragdoll cat, hunter he is not, actually caught the bird, wounded it and ran upstairs with it; placing in UNDER MY PILLOW! I was still outside. Steve put on some gloves, grabbed a shovel and came back with the dead bird.


This is a picture of Toffee. Our large Ragdoll.

That's all folks :)

M1: Oat Pancake
M2: Canned Chicken/carrots/mayo/apple salad
M3: 6 oz grilled turkey, large green salad, mashed potatoes and gravy.
C: 1496; Carb: 42%, Protein: 44%, Fat: 14%


Chris said...

Haha! I can't believe he put the bird under your pillow. Sheesh!

Glad to hear that you're back online (even if you can't print). :)

:) said...

Did you wash it? :)

Tracy said...

Oh man, of all the places. Good thing you didn't discover it right before bed - gah!!