Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wednesday Run Club

I wasn't sure if I was even going to be able to run tonight, what with the little race I participated in on Saturday...

I decided I'd give it a try; I could always walk if I had to.

Riding along side me on the way was my award to show to my friends. I had emailed them my 'race report' and they all knew how the race had gone for me.

As I removed myself from the car everyone was in a great big circle, smiling huge smiles at me, offering congratulations, hand shakes, kisses and looks of dismay. Isn't it grand? These guys with whom I have been running with for the past 6 years, these guys who thought this chick was plain old crazy for ever even THINKING of doing an ultra, these guys who have been there every Wednesday night. They were awesome. They endulged me, allowed me to tell them all about it and warned me to take it easy tonight.

I took it easy. I ran the full five miles; maybe more of a 'slog' than a jog. It took me 50 minutes. Not bad. I'm just thankful for being able to run at all.

They were all finished and standing near the school as I came running (slogging) into the lot. They made a human bridge-two rows of men on each side, arms in the air, cheering and whistling as I came through. It was awesome. I was SO touched.

They allowed me to get my plaque, show it off and talk even more about the race.

What a great group of guys. Thanks Guys.


Chris said...

That's awesome! You've got a great group of friends, there. :)

Emma said...

Wow, those guys are awesome, but clearly so are you Julie! You come across as one lovable woman online...I could only imagine in person!

:) said...

I wish I had some good training partners! Cherish them...they are special and so are you!

Anonymous said...

Cool training team!

I agree with flatman, it would be so great to have partners like that.

I would've cried!!