Monday, October 03, 2005

The Day After...

Thank you for so many nice congratulatory messages; even though I didn't reach my goal. I realize that it isn't the end of the world, that there are other races and that yesterday just wasn't my day.

I really ran my hardest, albeit not my smartest. How could I not realize I should wear my water pack. Did I lose respect for the marathon distance? I would never ever not wear a water pack while running an ultra. Maybe I have never worn a water pack during a marathon simply because I didn't know they existed prior to ultras. Maybe it wouldn't have even mattered.

And why was I SO focused on running with the pace group? I know why. I really thought the group would make it easier for me to run the distance in that speed. Well, hello, did I really think it was OK to run 3 sub 8 minute miles to catch them? No, I know I have no business doing that..very strange indeed that I did. I don't understand some of my actions.

Gels and bars. I ate two. Two gels. WTF? That's not enough. That's stupid. I had 8 in my waist pack thingy bob and 1 myloplex bar. But I was running so damn fast I didn't have time to eat one. I didn't FEEL like it. Whine whine whine whine.

OK, so I am learning from this race. That's what it is all about.

Next year (yea, next year) I'll train on the course. Why wouldn't I have thought of that this time around?

So now I'm thinking about Ed Fitz 100K in two weeks..well, less than two weeks.

I'll recover a bit, bike a bit, run a bit and stretch; mainly just rest up.

Blech. Another rest period.

M1: Oat pancake
M2: 4 oz tuna, large green salad, ff dressing
M3: apple, cottage cheese
M4: Cherry Garcia protein shake
M5: Boca Burger, large green salad, ff dressing

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