Saturday, January 28, 2006

King Size

Today the alarm woke me as early as a work day. 415 AM so I could be ready to run at 5. Today was my hilly asphalt route. Goal: 5 hours. Goal achieved!

I wasn't so sure I was going to be able to hang in for 5 hours. My shin was still feeling a bit tired, not painful at all, just know? After 3.5 hours I took 2 Advil. I haven't taken Advil during a run in a very very long time. That took away all feeling of my shin and then I knew I would have no problem.

I did walk a few of the hills this session and I even took a few walk breaks on the flats.

Total: 5:11 = 30.6 miles. I had to drive the route afterward as I wasn't sure on the mileage. I had guestimated 30 miles. Not bad!

Showered and ready for the day before the whole family was awake. Time to fix pancakes and sausage for Steve and the boys before I went shopping for a new bed.

We now own a King Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. I can't wait for delivery and set up :)

Tomorrow: Recovery easy peasy trail run with Topaz.


Cathy said...

Your running always leaves me speechless.

I have the King size Select Comfort Sleep number bed. It was the first piece of "real furniture" I got when hubby & I bought our house. Best purchase EVER. Hope you love yours.

E-Speed said...

you ran 30 miles before your family was even up for the day?

girl you deserve those bad carbs! there has got to be a way to eat them without the fat :(