Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Big Week

In looking over my running schedule this week, this could be the biggest one I've had so far. I have a 50 mile training run on Saturday. I wish I had a race I could attend. If I had money to burn I'd catch a plane on Friday evening to AZ to run Saturday and return home on Saturday night. But, alas, I don't have money to burn.

The trail near home was melting nicely yesterday. It is supposed to be in the 40's all week so it may be clear for 50 miles on Saturday. Or not. If it is icy when I'm out there Friday then I'll be heading out to the Minneapolis lakes again for 50 miles.

I may get in 90 miles this week. I've never done that, other than the week of FANS where I ran 80+ or McNaughton. Otherwise I believe my high was 80. After McNaughton I'm going to hang on to 80 while getting ready for FANS in June. I'm going to push this body and see how it stands.

Today my 30:30 was 60:60; it was actually quite fun. 60 seconds at 8.8 mph, 60 seconds at 4.8 mph, for 35 minutes. I warmed up a mile and cooled down 2. Tonight I'll run 5 on the trail with Topaz. Yippee!


marathonP said...

Good luck on your 50 this weekend Julie. I can hardly wait to hear about it.


Spence said...

Hey! Thanks for sharing your story for us...I too began triathlon to get healthy...I had not become an alcoholic but I was well on my way and was spiraling downward in a self perpetuating descent of depression and obesity. I hit age 30 and realized it was time to fix it - now or never. I'm still struggling with the weight yoyo, as I have my whole life too, but I quit drinking altogether and I've never felt better. Triathlon is a fantastic way to go...I hope your swimming continues to improve!! I'm SURE you'll be able to pull off 600 yards... good luck this weekend!! And thanks again for sharing your story on your blog!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Good luck with the 90 mile week! Most people think driving that far in one week is a long way ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! Just crossed 60 miles for the first time and now I have a tender right hamstring, so cross-training this week to recover. You're awesome. Keep pushing it, but listen to your body (I wish I had). As for 50 miles, my plan is to go to KS for the Rockin K Trail run on April 1st. Good luck with your 50 mile trainer. Your blog site is inspirational for me as I ramp towards my first 100 at the Kettle Moraine! Thanks! Brent

matt said...

you are the coolest, julie! i am blown away by your story. this is my first year of running after 10 years off for various reasons. i am inspired to try ultras right off the bat, signing up for a 50K and 50 miler in late summer and early fall. your experiences out there on the trails and your goals for the future will keep me going and looking ahead, too. i can't wait to see how you do in your races :)

marathonP said...


I'm on travel in San Francisco, and before a dinner meeting, I ran 6 miles on the glorious waterfront called Crissy Field, right below the Golden Gate Bridge. Runners see the best a city has to offer. Then I went back to the hotel and did my P90 weight workout and abs. I felt so Julie!!

Good luck on your 50 miler, and I want to hear every detail!

:) phil

Sheila said...

I am sure you will do GREAT on your 50-miler. And no worries you aren't in a race--you run marathons by yourself all the time, right? Even I did that this past fall.

You really need to be assimilated into the Collective. You are DA BOMB of running, plus we can help you along with your triathlon stuff. Email me if you are interested.

marathonP said...

Julie, what a workout day I had. Still on business travel in San Francisco, I woke up at 4am, lifted weights (P90), then drove to the Golden Gate Bridge to run across at sunrise. It was unspeakably beautiful...just glorious. Running is our chance to chose happiness. So many things are outside our control in life, but if you tie your laces, and just start moving, you can control your own smile.

Good luck this weekend coach.

:) phil

Susan said...

50? That's just simploy amazing! you rock.