Monday, June 26, 2006

When I'm Not Running...

Running is just one of the many things I fit into my schedule. Sure, it is up there pretty high on the list of priorities..Especially from January to April when I am training for my spring 100. Once that race is finished the base of my training is complete and I begin to focus on hills, speed work, weight training. Of course I still keep the mileage relatively high (for me that is 70-80 MPH) and I am always thinking about the next race, but the base it built and I am building upon that.

Come June 15 I am finished up with work for 8 weeks and am not running all day long. A few hours a day is sufficient, a few sessions of lifting a week, some recreational biking..this still leaves many hours of the day.

Both boys are active in football, baseball and basketball. Baseball has been their focus since April. I am at the fields 2-3 times a week watching their games or practices.

From June 15 to August 15 I take up the yard work: the mowing, the raking, the seeding, etc. I'm here and I enjoy it.

And the gardening. I love it. When we first moved here 15 years ago the whole area was all thick oak trees. We took down over 200 trees to put in the house and to give ourselves a yard. The trees were very very thick. I couldn't get the grass to grow, we had thousands of mushrooms and a ton of moss. It was a thick shady jungle. Over the years we have thinned out the trees for a bit more yard and room for me to plant a vegetable garden. We took down 20 trees this spring that were close to the house and we were afraid that in a storm they could do damage to the roof/siding. Now my shady hosta garden is out in the sun. I'll have to change that garden around to a sunny one.

Last year Ann helped me to put in a perennial garden up at the top of the driveway in the culdesac. It's about the only sunny area I have and it is probably owned by the township actually, as it is close to the right of way. I moved around a few tons of rock last summer and planted a bunch of perennials. They actually are coming around this year and looking pretty good.

Today I finally had more dirt delivered for the opposite side of the driveway. Now the fun begins! Tomorrow I'll level it all out and move around rock. I'll be building some muscle without dumbbells! I'm planning on doing bulbs in the fall so may leave it be for planting until then.

Let the fun begin!


Ellie said...

Hi, Julie, I've been thinking about you often ever since your 24-hour ultra. Thinking, if Julie can do that, I can do this... whatever "this" is at the moment.

Except I don't seem able to control my daggone appetite... I'd train so much better without the equivalent of a large bag of dog food attached to me.

Susan said...

oh my goodness - i need a crazy running dog like that - i'm thinking of an australian shepherd . . . but your border collie looks like a great running dog. how many acres do you have? we are getting ready to build on 2.5 acres and are taking down many trees for the house.

Cliff said...

That's a one big pile of dirt indeed...have fun.

Jessi said...

Love how almost every photo includes a grey and white blur of your pups! You could publish a book: "Where's Topaz?"
Dogs are the best!

marathonP said...


Gotta share this morning's running moment from California. I woke at 4am, did my RT, and then did a sunrise run to the cliffs near my home. It was a crystal clear summer morning at low tide, so I ran out on the tidepool rocks as far out as I could, to a point normally under sea water. I stood there in amazement, surrounded by sea anemone and starfish, the pelicans gliding 4 inches off the water in search of breakfast, the sun coming over the horizon. In the distance was Catalina Island, where I will run 50 miles this Jan.

From Minnesota to California, summer running is out of this world isn't it! As Julie says, "Run On."

:) phil

Julie B said...

That sounds beautiful, Phil, thanks for sharing!!

Ellie-the food is the hardest part for me, too. It will forever be a battle, that is just fact for me.