Friday, September 22, 2006

Just Checkin' In

This recovery week is going very well. All of the swelling is down, I'm back to running.

Monday I went to the gym during Troy's football practice and lifted chest/bicep/tricep very heavy. It went well and felt good to be back in the gym. It's been a while!

Tuesday I went to Troy's football game, but they had a 45 minute practice prior so I hit the Monti asphalt trail-it was a new route and lots of fun. I stretched out my legs after my run, the back of my knee and calves are still super tight. I don't know what it up with that.

Wednesday I debated about run club. I didn't know if I could keep up and wasn't sure about the asphalt 2x in a row on tired legs. I'm glad I went! I received a warm welcome and a good job for 77 miles welcome! I and Curt ran the route together in 41 minutes. I felt very, very good. Another good stretching session aftewards.

Thursday I ran around the neighborhood for 5 miles with Topaz in the dark. Not a fun run, but good to be out and feel like I'm a runner again.

Today I'll run on the trail with Topaz..I hope the rain lets up..and am thinking I'll hit the gym for legs. Or not. We'll see.

I heard from a member of the woman's team for JFK; apparently Connie Garder (who was going to be a member) is going to run the Ultracentric 24 hour in TX on the same day, so our team fell apart. It doesn't look like I'll be going to JFK; bummer. BUT...I am thinking about Ultracentric 24 hour. Why not? It's near the Dallas airport-it's the same weekend that I've already planned on being away..and I had a great 24 hour not too long ago. This is a qualifier for the USA Team so there will be top notch runners there. How cool would that be??

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'Zilla said...

Good good! It sounds like things are looking up and coming together, Lady!