Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Spring Has Sprung

Last night I hit the trail for 10 minutes. In shorts-and it was raining outside. Raining on December 12. That's crazy for Minnesota. All this week the temperatures are supposed to be in the 40's with a shot at 50 on the weekend.

We built our home 15 years ago and only one other time have we had a brown Christmas while living here, but it was -15F. I don't recall it being this warm in December, ever. Crazy, but I'll take it.

I broke off one of the crampons on my snowhoe during the marathon last winter. For only $5 Northern Lights repaired it for me. I don't care if it sits in the garage, unused for a few more weeks!

Tonight instead of run club I'm playing Bonkos. I'll be hitting the trail earlier in the afternoon with Topaz. I'll be wearing shorts. Again.


Anonymous said...

Is Bonkos like Bunco--the dice game??
Just wondering!

Julie B said...

Yes, it is the same. Tonight we have a big Christmas Party at Bonkos. Fun!

Anonymous said...

I went to run this morning - and boiled! First I shed my jacket (stupid to even put it on), then long sleeves, and I was dreaming of taking my pants off, but I didn't have shorts under:)
It is 7 above zero in Cellcius in Moscow! They have trees budding and spring garlic popping up at farms! Nature gone crazy...

Cliff said...

Is warm here too.

Crazy weather. I rather see some snow though. Ain't like Christmas with some white stuff.

marathonP said...

Hi Julie,

18 miler Sunday...its supposed to be really cold here in So 65 :) You train through some real variety and beauty though; I know you wouldn't trade it for the world. Makes you tougher than the rest of us, and its truly beautiful too.

So good to be back training again, getting ready for LA Marathon in March. Doing lots of P90X to get in the best overall shape ever.

Olga, I'm off to Moscow fora week end of January. We'll see if I try running, or settle for the hotel treadmill. I'd really love to circle the Kremlin and run through Red Square, but I don't want to get arrested either so we'll see :)