Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baking Frenzy

I was never able to get Mom or my sister, Laurie, to run the trail with me during Easter break. The temperatures never broke 25 in the AM, it was too cold for them.

Luckily, I have this trustee running partner, one who will never say no to me, will always indulge me whether I am running intervals, hills, one mile or 50 mile. He'll be there. Yay for Topaz.

I baked and prepared meals when I wasn't running..or shopping at the malls with Mom and Laurie. I had a bit of a fire problem on my gas grill while grilling up 11 ribeyes. The fat was too much, a fire ball was created. Luckily I saved the weeks salary worth of meat, only burning off my freshly manicured polish from my nails. Oh the trauma.

I baked this lovely German Chocolate Cake, and of course, had to create Bun Bun, whom I've baked for the past 16 years. Easter wouldn't be the same without it.

Yes, I realize that most of the traditions in my family are centered around food. That's just wrong, isn't it. I guess our fun trips to the lake, Lutsen and vacations aren't centered around food. But it seems that the holiday's are. Oh well. Too late now.

The boys are 15 and 11 and yes, I still hid Easter baskets laden with sugar and chocolate. Chocolate for days on end as a matter of fact. I think they will still have chocolate when summer vacation begins. I'm not kidding. I'm obsessive/compulsive, remember?

So the taper is on and per usual, it isn't fun. I don't enjoy days off. Yesterday I was on the stairmaster for 40 minutes. I cranked it up to a level 15 and had my heart rate at 191. Oh yeah, baby, bring it on. My endorphins were making me high. It was awesome. Then I lifted chest for 30 minutes.

Today is a day off. Yuck. I'm baking. Again. It is a co-workers birthday tomorrow and she likes my Oreo Crunch Brownies. They have 2 pounds of chocolate, a pound of butter, 6 eggs and a whole bag of Oreo Cookies. What's not to like?

Tomorrow is an easy run on the trail. A whopping hour. Woohoo!

The McNaughton forecast is looking suckier by the minute. Low 40's, high wind and cold rain. Shit. I am tired of running in the rain, but hey, on the positive side, I'm well trained for running in the rain. I have spent HOURS running in the rain this winter/spring. Maybe it will give me an edge? Ha, I'm ready. Bring it baby.


Anonymous said...

Now that you have a little time on your hands and you PROMISED to give the directions for your German chocolate cake in your last blog, could you please jot it down along with the recipe for Oreo Crunch brownies? Yum. I"m hungry just thinking about them!

Anonymous said...

Your attitude is so much better than mine about McNaughton, geesh and I am only doing the 50! Living up north makes you a tougher breed!

Good Luck this weeekend!

Julie B said...

OK, I will post the detailed instuctions and pics for the cake tonight. And the Oreo cruch. The staff is loving them. Tonya, you will be fine! Looks like the river is 3" and the smaller crossing is 1". We will get wet but it will be A OK. See you there!

olga said...

Yak, I hate racing in a rain...what I will do too this weekend, but for many less hours than you. So hang on, girl! You are trained, indeed, rain or no rain.

Ellie said...

Can tell you're tapering -- you're posting more often :-)

BunBun is adorable. And the G. Chocolate cake is gorgeous. Now: do you eat those, or do you stay "clean?"