Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Schedule

Summer! What a beautiful season. I'm enjoying my summer vacation very, very much. Today I've been off a total of one week. Oh no! It is going by too quickly.

I'm switching out my schedule a bit. I've decided to run long runs on Thursday and Friday, if I even need back to back long runs at this point. My hill workout will be Sunday. Off to Buck Hill. God knows I need a hill workout. That is the one place that my running schedule has been lacking. Big time. I've done a half dozen Monticello pavement hill runs but that is it. I've never done hill repeats other than the baby hill on the Blue Hill Trail.

My endurance is good. I don't know if Thursday - Friday long runs are necessary right now. Friday is probably good enough, at least for this week it was.

Topaz and I headed out for Afton State Park early this morning. I had a map that Jason created for the Afton 50K race, I didn't even get lost! It's a miracle. I can't believe that Afton doesn't have any deer flies. There were no bugs at all. I only saw 4 other people and two other dogs on the trail, they were all camping/hiking. There were a few fisherpeople, otherwise just Topaz and I. I carried two hand helds and refilled at the pump. I carried a few gels and that was all I needed.

5 hours later we headed home. It gets to be a long morning. It takes me 1.5 hours to drive one way. I may go back next Friday, the gravel roads around home are getting B O R I N G.

Tomorrow I'll run just a few miles, bike in the afternoon..and Sunday I'll hit the hills with Pierre and Paul. Oh boy, 15 repeats is on the schedule :)

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