Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trader Joe's

Yesterday the boys and I went over to Maple Grove to run errands. They only came long because I told them I'd buy them lunch. We like to go to Barnes and Noble once a month and then go out for lunch at one of the zillion restaurants in Maple Grove. Yesterday we went to Champps. I had to drop my bike off at Erik's for new tires and make a few other stops. I couldn't talk them into grocery shopping at the new Trader Joe's.

The girls at Leanness Lifestyle are always shopping at Trader Joe's. I was excited when I saw that one was going to be opening in Maple Grove this spring.

Marilyn, Robin and Angie told me of their favorites at TJ's. Today I needed to pick up my bike, so I left the boys at home and after getting my bike, checked out TJ's.

In Big Lake there is one grocery store. If I go to Elk River or Monticello, there are two. Oooh. Lots of choices.

As soon as I walked into Trader Joe's I knew I was going to love it. Mostly organic, mostly fresh, great ingredients for my favorite salads and smoothies.

I found from Marilyn's list : Just Chicken. It is just that. Cooked up chicken in a package that is refrigerated. Lean, cut up chicken, just ready to top a salad or soup or sandwich. Not canned, not frozen, just cooked and ready to be reheated if wanted. Or eat as is. I also found chile-lime and terriyaki chicken, sliced. Also from Marilyn's list: frozen shrimp stir fry. Just shrimp and veggies; lean, low fat, frozen, drop into pan and fry up. Yum.

I came home with 4 bags of TJ's produce. Apples, bananas, full stemmed strawberries, low fat french vanilla yogurt, low fat feta cheese, bags of veggies, frozen berries, chicken, shrimp, tuna steaks, olive oil, raw almonds, cherries, oh yeah..all of my favorites, all in organic. Can't beat it. The prices were CHEAPER than the organic items my grocery store carries in the two aisles they offer.

While I'm off this summer, this will be a once weekly trip. When I go back to work it may be twice a month. Definitely a spot I will be visiting frequently.


Anonymous said...

How is your mom??

Anonymous said...

O for the love of TJ's :)
You're dead-on: the almonds, frozen berries, lowfat feta, and shrimp stirfry are among my favorites as well.
Add to the list their salsa verde which I put on absolutely everything!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE tjs.

A Prelude To... said...

I NEVER go to TJs but I guess that's where I'm headed this week ~ you've made it sound irresistable. Can't wait to try the pre-cooked chicken.

christine said...

trader joes is the BEST! i love their peanut butter filled pretzles and white corn chips.